Obama’s Veto Logic Defies Common Sense

Current House Speaker John Boehner is about to sign the 2016 defense policy bill and send it on to Barack Obama to sign. However, Obama has repeatedly stated that he will veto the bill for reasons that defy logic and common sense.

The defense policy bill does not fund the Defense Department. It establishes policies including spending that the department must follow. The appropriations bill determines how much money the Defense Department has to spend. The amount specified in the appropriations bill matches the figures asked for by Obama.

So why is he threatening to veto the policy bill and not the appropriations bill? That’s what the chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees are asking.

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It seems the policy bill places spending caps on the Pentagon, but has a provision for further spending on the part of the Pentagon through a special war fund if needed. Even though the caps match the funding provided for in the appropriations bill, Obama is insisting that Congress raise the caps in the policy bill. But if the caps already match what Obama wanted in the first place, then what’s his problem?

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) is Chairman of the House committee. Referring to Obama’s threat to veto the 2016 defense policy bill, Thornberry stated:

“If he vetoes it, it will be historic, but not in a good way.”

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is chairman of the Senate committee and he says that Obama’s threat to veto the policy bill is misplaced and should be directed at the appropriations bill, adding:

“It seems to me he picked the wrong target.”

“If he cared most about the defense of the nation, he would veto the appropriations bill.”

Obama seems to threaten almost everything the Republicans send to him unless it’s something they already capitulated on. This is an example of just how anti-Republican Obama is. He keeps telling the American public that the Republicans refuse to compromise and work with him and the Democrats when in fact the opposite is true. One of the major issues that forced Boehner to resign from being Speaker of the House is that he constantly compromised and gave into Obama’s demands.

I can’t wait for him and his family to leave the White House. I’ve seen news reports speculating on where Obama will move to, but I have a suggestion that I think is most appropriate – Gitmo – with the rest of the enemies of the United States. If not Gitmo, then perhaps ADX Florence supermax prison in Fremont County, Colorado. It has the tightest security for the most dangerous male inmates in the US. I’m sure they could find a nice cold hard cell for Barack Obama. That would be taxpayer dollars well spent.

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