Obamas vs. Clintons: Washington’s Family Feud About to Erupt – Again!

During the 2008 Democratic primary race, it was fairly obvious that there was no love or admiration between the Obamas and the Clintons.  The primary was a down and dirty smear the opponent in the mud fight.  Bill Clinton referred to Obama’s campaign as a fairy tale and Obama replied in kind calling Clinton’s presidency a psychodrama.  At times it almost reminded me of the famous feud between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s.

That’s why I was quite shocked when Hillary Clinton agreed to serve as Obama’s Secretary of State.  Perhaps the only reason she took the post was in hopes of being the first Secretary of State to ascend to the presidency, if you know what I mean.

During the past three and half years, the relationship between the Obamas and Clintons has seemed as cold as an igloo in winter.  Whenever Barack and Hillary appear together, they rarely look or smile at each other.  It reminds me of two young kids having a disagreement and neither one wants to look or talk to the other one.

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When Bill Clinton gave his speech at the Democratic National Convention, many political pundits thought that the proverbial hatchet had been buried and the Obama’s and Clinton’s were bosom buddies.  I never bought it.  I viewed Clinton’s speech, which was the best speech of the convention, as a desperate move to save a crumbling Democratic Party and control of the Senate and White House.

I think I was right and the proverbial hatchet has not been buried but it seems that each of them would like to see it buried – in each other.

It seems that prior to the first presidential debate between Obama and Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton had one of his aides call the White House to say that he would be more than happy to help the president prepare to debate Romney.  Clinton evidently never heard from Obama on the subject which made Bill Clinton furious.  According to one source:

“Bill thought that he and Obama were on friendly terms after the convention.  He couldn’t believe that the White House didn’t even extend him the courtesy of a return phone call. He concluded that Obama’s arrogance knows no bounds.”

If that wasn’t enough to fuel the flames of feud between the two opposite clans, then what happened in Benghazi, Libya has become a bonfire of bane between them.  Then prior to Hillary announcing that she was taking full responsibility for what happened in Benghazi, there were a number of insider reports indicating that Obama and the White House were putting pressure on her to take the blame off of them.  The notion had become so prevalent in the past week that Bill Clinton had sought legal advice on how to defend Hillary and her political career if and when Obama made her the scapegoat for the four deaths which he seemed to have just done.

If their family and political feud were to erupt in the public sector, it would be like watching a volcano emerge from the Reflecting Pool in front of the Washington Monument.  Both would wreak havoc and cause a great deal of damage.  A volcano would severely damage America’s treasured monuments.  The Obama – Clinton feud would severely damage the Democratic Party, especially if it occurred prior to November 6.  The damage could be great enough for the GOP to wrest control of the White House and Senate out of the hands of burned and singed hands of the Democrats.

Now if only it would erupt in the next couple of weeks.  Oh what a joyful thing it would be for the good ole GOP.

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