Occupiers Beating Dead Horse and Only Hurting Working America

It’s an old expression and probably many younger people may not understand it, but the Occupy movement is beating a dead horse and getting nowhere.

In the days before automobiles, horses were one of the main means of transportation.  Traveling long distances took days and there were times when the rider would continue to beat his horse and push it beyond its limit until the horse would collapse from exhaustion and die.  Frustrated, someone somewhere probably kept beating the horse expecting it to get up and keep running, but obviously, a dead horse won’t go any further and continued beating is fruitlessly and unproductively.

So it is with the Occupy movement.  Their cause is like the horse pushed past its limits and now lays dead, rotting and stinking.  In their blind ignorance, they fail see that their cause is over, no one really cares anymore and like the rotting corpse of the horse, it’s beginning to leave a stench in nostrils of most Americans.

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And since their horse is dead, the targets of their protests aren’t being phased in the least.  Wall Street, the wealthy and big businesses are moving right along and ignoring the remaining pests.

It seems the only ones that Occupiers are really hurting are themselves and hardworking Americans who have the misfortune of doing business where the protesters decided to camp out.  A number of small businesses, some of which are the sole source of income for a middle class family, have seen their sales and services drop drastically because of the encampments outside.  Occupiers have had such a negative impact on some small businesses that they’ve been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

Ironically, one of the largest supporters of the Occupy movement have been labor unions.  But like the famous line from Forest Gump, ‘stupid is as stupid does,’ the Occupiers now have their sites set out on shutting down ports along the west coast which will only hurt the thousands of union dockworkers working there.   If the Occupiers succeed in shutting down very many ports, the impact will not only be felt by the dockworkers and their families but by average Americans throughout the country as they try to find the Christmas gift for their family and loved ones, only to realize that the items they’re looking for are sitting in containers on a dock out west.

Occupiers have ridden their horse into the ground, but they continue to wail away on its dead hide anyway.  Their dead horse is starting to smell so bad that it’s affecting those around them, not the ones in the ivory towers and mansion homes as the movement intended in the first place.  It’s time they bury their horse, go home and become productive members of society and stop asking for handouts.

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