Occupy Mobs Gearing Up for Election Demonstrations

After spending the winter in homeless shelters, on people’s couches and in cardboard boxes across the land, members of the Occupy Movement may be getting ready for a new round of demonstrations to begin May 1, according to multiple sources.

May 1 of course is known as a communist and Nazi holiday, May Day, during which Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union and Red China were inclined to celebrate with parades and festivals.

The Occupy Wall Street movement’s leadership has been strongly tied to American Communist and Nazi parties.

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From the beginning, OWS has been orchestrated from the White House through various channels, most prominently the cadre of former ACORN leaders and former Obama adviser Van Jones, who was forced to resign because of his past radical activities.

What’s interesting as the presidential election draws near is that the Democratic Party may be taking a more open hand in controlling the OWS movement.

A group calling itself 99% Spring is being accused of trying to subvert the leadership of the OWS movement. Critics, mostly the current crop of unaffiliated communist and Nazi leaders, have said it is a Democratic Party effort to use OWS to re-elect President Obama.

Couldn’t have seen that one coming, could you?

The 99% Spring group openly aims to train its members in “direct action,” meaning campaigning for the president. It is funded apparently by mainstream Democrat groups such as Greenpeace and unions. It also bears the stamp of approval of MoveOn.org, which means George Soros likely has his fingers in it.

OWS also has some of its own people running for office as Democrats in races across the country, such as Walid Hakim in South Carolina. According to Al-Jazeera, Hakim said, “I believe the way to change the system is to change it from within as well as on the exterior. We need to bring this to all fronts not just on the outside with our demonstrations … we as [the] American people need to occupy the legislative body.”

However things between OWS and 99% Spring shake out, one thing is obvious about the presidential election: This time around, Obama has a street army at his disposal.

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