Occupy Wall Street Communists Kick Off Protest Season

What does a communist look like? Dirty? Bedraggled? A little bit wild-eyed?

Probably. But it turns out a lot of them also look like your neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances.

Occupy Wall Street started the new protest season Tuesday with demonstrations in cities around the country. The crowds seemed to represent a large swath of America,  but make no mistake.

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Tuesday’s OWS events were about communism.

Mobs turned out in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and other cities to demand that the wealthy “1 percent” fork over their cash and give it to people who haven’t earned it and probably have no intention of ever working that hard.

Protesters blocked streets, tied up traffic and kept people in some cities from going to work. Pro forma arrests were the order of the day, and Oakland capped the festivities with rounds of tear gas canisters.

There was no indication from OWS’s communist leadership how they felt about the day’s activities, but several of the demonstrations only drew dozens, rather than the anticipated hundreds of marchers.

Demonstrations in Spain, the Philippines and other countries seemed to draw more interest, based on global reports.

Other groups linked up with OWS at events throughout the nation, including a group that opposes NATO and the G-8. Another big ally is illegal-immigrants rights groups.

May 1, also known as May Day and International Workers Day, has long been a date for celebration in communist countries such as China and the former Soviet Union.

While the 21st century proletariat marched in the streets, taking pictures of themselves with their iPhones, the bourgeoisie remained cloistered in their offices, making even more money. According to Forbes, out of 50 billionaires tracked, most saw profits on Tuesday, adding an additional $1.7 billion to their wealth.

The leading winner of the day, however, was Warren Buffet, who has been in the news of late for lamenting that he doesn’t pay enough in taxes. The White House’s tax-hike plan has even been named the “Buffet Rule.” Buffet cleared an additional $500 million for himself on May Day.


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