‘Off the Pigs,’ Armed Black Panthers Chant

Can you imagine what would happen if a Tea Party group of about 25 people showed up in public in military-like uniforms, armed with semiautomatic “assault” rifles and other weapons, and began chanting things like, “oink, oink, bang, bang”?

The media would be full of nothing but that story and would probably be on 24-hour alert for the slightest update. Federal investigations would certainly be in the offing, even if the event turned out to ultimately be peaceful.

But change the words “Tea Party” to “New Black Panther Party” and you can hear the crickets. Except for Fox News, local news stations and a few conservative media outlets, the New Black Panther demonstration in Waller County, Texas, doesn’t rate much ink, even though a week prior protesters had actually invaded the sheriff’s office lobby.

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The Wednesday demonstration was peaceful in that nobody got injured.

But the intentions didn’t sound peaceful. “Oink, oink, bang, bang” and “the revolution is on … off the pigs” shouted at police officers hardly sounds like the reasoned grievances of law-abiding citizens.

blackPanthers2In fact, according to Breitbart, the group had an entire rap they performed, with a caller and the group responding: “Time to pick up the gun… Off the pigs. No more pigs in my community… Off the pigs. No more brothers in jail… Off the pigs. No more sisters in jail… Off the pigs. The pigs are gonna get scared… Off the pigs. The pigs are gonna get dead… Off the pigs.”

Either they really don’t like pork or they were calling for the killing of police officers.

But the New Black Panthers is one of those favored groups that usually gets a pass from law enforcement, an attitude that is handed down from the Department of Justice, which barely batted an eyelash in 2008 when Black Panthers were bullying voters at one polling station.

It’s also going soft on a couple of Black Panthers on trial for plotting to blow up the St. Louis Gateway Arch and a police station, and assassinate a prosecutor and the Ferguson, Missouri, police chief. Instead of terrorism or attempted murder charges, the pair are facing gun and explosives violations that could top out at seven years in prison.

Olajuwon Ali Davis, 23, and Brandon Orlando Baldwin (who also goes by Brandon Muhammad), 24, pleaded guilty to gun and explosives charges back in June. Sentencing is planned for August 31.

Just like in Ferguson, Missouri, the Black Panthers were in Waller County to try to stir up passions over an event that has been twisted into a racist outrage. In this case, the excuse is the suicide of a jail inmate named Sandra Bland. The Black Panthers and other activists have tried to implicate police in Bland’s death, despite medical reports and the testimony from other inmates.

The Bland case has been blown up to generate racial antagonism, just as the Michael Brown shooting was, or the Trayvon Martin case before it.

Clearly, influential people are pulling strings behind the scenes to provoke a race war in this country. The question is, will Americans continue to fall for it?

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