The Social Justice Warriors are on the march. They’ve just attacked a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus in Yonkers, New York. It was found beheaded. A Columbus statue in Baltimore was vandalized. “New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is currently reviewing a statue of the explorer at Columbus Circle as part of a larger look into racist monuments in the city.” (Axios)

Here’s a curious fact about Columbus Circle. “Columbus Circle … is the point from which all official distances from New York City are measured.” I learned this from watching the film Columbus Circle.

If the statues of Christopher Columbus have to go, what about the cities named after the explorer?

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Roughly 2.7 million Americans live in 54 counties, districts, cities, incorporated towns, boroughs, villages and census designated places named after Columbus… The explorer’s biggest legacies in terms of population are Columbus, Ohio, and the District of Columbia, both with populations in excess of half a million. (BizJournals)

Christopher Columbus statue, Columbus Circle, New York City.

That’s right. Our nation’s Capital would have to be renamed.

Of course, Columbus Day must go as well as Western Civilization (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Dr. Gary North writes:

Half a century ago, the best universities required at least a year’s course on the history of Western civilization. Today, virtually no university does. The student radicals of the late 1960’s got their way: “Hey, hey, ho ho, Western civ has got to go.” About two dozen private colleges still teach it, but you have not heard of most of them. You probably have not heard of any of them. (Gary

It’s no wonder, therefore, that there is a general ignorance about history. What would we celebrate instead of Columbus Day? Here’s one suggestion:

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