OH Dept. of Health Allows Cleveland Abortion Clinic to Endanger Lives of Women

A year ago, I asked the question:

“How many women and unborn children have to be sacrificed on the abortion altar of liberalism before God destroys our nation?”

I then reported:

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“Lakisha Wilson, a 22 year old Columbus, Ohio woman looks to be another victim of legalized abortion. At five months along in her pregnancy, Wilson decided to murder her baby. She went to a clinic in Columbus and was turned away. Next she tried a clinic in Akron and was again turned away. Finally, she found a clinic in Cleveland, Preterm, who agreed to murder her baby.”

“At one point in the abortion procedure, Wilson stopped breathing as indicated by a 9-1-1 call. She was seen being loaded into an ambulance outside the clinic. Seven days later, Lakisha Wilson was pronounced dead.”

Now, Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue is reporting that the same abortion doctor that performed the fatal abortion on Lakisha Wilson has had two more abortion patients sent to local hospitals. She reported:

“The abortionist responsible for two more incidents on March 20th and April 24th of this year was the same abortionist who conducted the fatal abortion on Lakisha Wilson [in 2014].”

“One of the abortion patients was a 15-year-old girl who had heart issues after the abortion, and the second was a 35-year-old who had excessive bleeding. The 15-year-old was walked from the third to the first floor to access the ambulance from a building that frequently has elevator problems. In fact, pro-life counselors say an elevator repair truck is there on an average of twice a week.”

“The Ohio Department of Health is well aware of all the dangers at this abortion clinic, yet continues to allow it to stay open, and [these latest emergencies] are the result. So we think the Ohio Department of Health has to bear some responsibility for the injuries to these women.”

Everyone in the state of Ohio needs to join Operation Rescue by demanding that the Ohio Department of Health inspect the Cleveland abortion clinic in question. If the reports are true about the elevator and the abortion doctor’s track record of complications, then the clinic should be shut down and the doctor barred from murdering any more innocent unborn children and placing the lives and health of Ohio women in danger.

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