Oh. Snap! President Trump says the Only Collusion was Between Hillary and Russia

President Trump was on a tear during a recent press conference at Camp David.

He and other GOP leaders were meeting at Camp David over the weekend when a reporter asked him about Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Instead of attacking the question directly, Trump reminded the reporter that the investigation into Russia has been ongoing for well over a year and the investigators have never found anything linking his campaign to the Russian government.

But… we have linked somebody else to the Russians… Hillary Clinton.

REPORTER: Mr. President did you ask the White House counsel to ask Attorney General Sessions not to recuse himself?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Everything I have done has been proper. The story by the way in the Times was way off or at least off. Everything that I’ve done is 100% proper. That’s what I do, I do things proper. 

I guess the collusion now is dead because everyone found after a year of study there’s been absolutely no collusion, there’s been no collusion between us and the Russians. 

Now, there has been collusion between Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the DNC and the Russians, unfortunately, you people don’t cover that very much, but the only collusion is between Hillary and the Russians and the DNC and the Russians, and one of those things.

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