Ohio Primary Demonstrates Romney Just as Liberal as Obama

In the past few presidential elections, we have all seen the red and blue maps of what counties in each state voted for which candidate.  The red counties are those carried by the Republican candidate and the blue counties are those won by the Democrats.  Typically, the vast majority of the US map is red with blue spots at most of the major cities.

You could also take a map of liberals and conservatives and lay that over the election map and you may or may not be surprised to see just how similar they are.  The liberal areas correspond to the blue cities and the conservative map pretty much follows the red Republican part of the country.

With that in mind, I looked at the map for Ohio’s primary.  Ohio has eighty-eight counties and Mitt Romney only carried nineteen of them, leaving the other 69 counties for Rick Santorum.  However, Romney took 38% percent of the vote and Santorum took 37%.

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I found a 2008 presidential election map of Ohio and compared it to this week’s primary map and found the two to be fairly similar with both Obama and Romney carrying Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.  McCain and Santorum carried the majority of the rest of the state.

Likewise, if you compare the liberal and conservative map of the Ohio counties to Tuesday’s primary map, you will once again find a close similarity.  The liberal areas correspond to Obama and Romney while the conservative areas coincide with McCain and Santorum.

These comparisons show that there is virtually no difference between the liberal nature and support of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Another similarity between Romney and Obama can be seen by comparing the track record of both men.  They have both pushed government healthcare, abortion and have both been responsible for many Americans losing their jobs.  Romney acts wealthy and elite and Obama acts privileged and elite.  Both seem detached to middle class America and have a difficult time relating to the average working person.

The only real difference between Obama and Romney is their Party affiliation and nothing more.  I pray Republicans in the states yet to hold primaries and caucuses see this and ask themselves if they really want another Obama in office or someone who will really make a difference.

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