Ohio State Football Parents Believe They Should be Paid to Attend Playoffs

There is no doubt that we are living in a world of entitlement and the change took place in one generation. When I was growing up, we were taught that if you wanted something, you worked to earn the money to purchase the item or make that special trip.

I mowed lawns with non-powered push mowers, collected scorpions, cleaned out and painted horse stalls and more to buy most of my own clothes and the few possessions I owned. Because I worked hard for my things I took care of them and made sure they didn’t get ruined or broken.

Sadly, I rarely see that same work ethic in today’s world. People today believe that others should give to them what they want for reasons that boggle my mind. A growing number of low income people believe that the government should support them in every way, including paying for their tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Some of them have more children out of wedlock just to get larger welfare checks and more food stamps. Others feel entitled to free cell phones

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Now let’s add the parents of Ohio State University’s football players to the list of people who believe they are entitled to special treatment. To start with these parents are already receiving $800 per family from a student assistant fund that reimburses them for their costs to attend the football games.

That is bad enough because there are many parents of college athletes who cannot afford to attend their child’s athletic events, but now the Ohio State parents are saying that they deserve more money to watch their sons play football.

Ohio State made it into the top four college football playoffs and will face Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. If they beat Alabama, which I hope they don’t, then they will face the winner of the Oregon v. Florida State game on January 12 in Arlington, Texas for the national championship.

The parents of the Ohio State football players are saying that their costs to travel to New Orleans and Arlington should be paid for. I can understand the parents’ desire to be at the big games for their sons, but that doesn’t mean that they should automatically be entitled to have someone else pay for their travel expenses.

What about the parents of the band members or cheerleader squads? Aren’t they proud of their kids and want to attend all the games, including the big games, to support and watch their kids? What about the parents from other colleges that don’t have funds to reimburse parents for their travel to games? What about other sports on the Ohio State campus such as basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.?

The parents of the Ohio State football players should be grateful for what they’ve been given instead of being upset that they don’t get more. If it’s that important to them to attend the bowl game playoffs then they should have been saving up or even working a part time job to earn the money so they could go. That’s what everyone else has to do.


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