It’s Okay To Discriminate Against Low Income Kids But Not Low Income Voters

Once again, US Attorney General Eric Holder is suing a state about their voter ID laws.  North Carolina is one of five other southern states to pass stricter anti-voter fraud laws.  The Tarheel state’s new laws shorten the length of time for early voting and established tighter requirements for voter identification.

As usual, Holder believes such measures discriminate against low income minorities.  I notice that he never says they discriminate against low-income whites, just minorities, mainly blacks.  Evidently Holder and Obama believe that low-income whites have better opportunities than low-income blacks to obtain proper identification.

At a recent news conference, Holder stated:

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“By restricting access and ease of voter participation, this new law would shrink, rather than expand, access to voting.  Allowing limits on voting rights that disproportionately exclude minority voters would be inconsistent with our ideals as a nation.”

Whenever I see Holder and the Obama administration challenging voter ID laws, it always makes me believe that the only reason for their actions is so that Democrats can continue to use voter fraud to win elections.  In the 2012 presidential elections, a large number of voting precincts in Cleveland recorded 100% of the votes for Obama.  This has never happened in such large numbers in the past, not even in more sweeping victories for one candidate.  When Lyndon Johnson overwhelming defeated Barry Goldwater, you didn’t see precincts reporting 100% votes for Johnson, not even in his home state of Texas.

Don’t these same low-income people have to have some form of identification to receive their food stamps and other government welfare?  They have to have an ID to receive any help from Medicare or Medicaid or housing assistance.  If they manage to get a car, they have to have a driver’s license and proof of insurance in order to legally drive.  But according to Holder and the Obama administration, these same people are incapable of obtaining a valid ID that would allow them to vote.  This is why I believe Holder is defending the practice of voter fraud.

So how does the Obama administration defend its full support of the Common Core Standards for public schools?

Students across the nation are subject to the same testing and it is done online.  Kids as young as 9 years of age are required to be capable of typing a full page on the writing portion of the test.  Fifth graders must be able to type two pages in the writing portion of the online tests.

Joy Pullman is the managing editor of School Reform News and a research fellow at The Heartland Institute.  She commented in an email about the Common Core typing requirements saying:

“Eight-year-olds are not typically good typists, or able to be good typists, and this may make their test score a referendum on their computer skills rather than their academic knowledge.  It seems Common Core has combined its developmentally inappropriate standards for small children with developmentally inappropriate tests.”

One Baton Rouge parent, Tania Nyman, has a third grader and said that she doesn’t agree with her son having to spend so much time just learning to type instead of studying math or reading.  She stated:

“If my son wants to learn to type of his own volition, I would say, ‘Sure, go ahead honey.  But if it’s only because online tests make it easier for companies to grade, I would ask, ‘Is it really a practical skill that third-graders need?’”

Yet, thousands of low income families can’t afford computers or pay for internet access.  So how are students from low-income families supposed to be able to pass the Common Core tests?  It’s very obvious that the Common Core Standards is discriminating against millions of low income students, but evidently that type of discrimination is okay.  It’s just the supposed discrimination against low-income MINORITY voters that they have a problem with.  That means the issue isn’t being low-income or having access to either IDs or computers, but can only be maintaining the ability to commit voter fraud.  But what else would you expect from the most lawless and corrupt administration in America’s history?

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