Okay to Urinate on Cross, but Not on Taliban

Earlier this month, many American and world leaders were in an uproar over an incident involving several marines who were photographed urinating on the corpses of members of the Taliban.  Obama and others spoke about how offensive it was to defile the dead bodies of a sworn enemy by urinating on them.

It seemed that only a brave few public officials spoke out in the defense of the Marines. An excellent blog appeared on this website – Urinating on the Dead: Marine Performance Art? – that put the incident in a different perspective to consider.

But where is the public outrage against members of the Occupy movement who throw Bibles, steal church property and urinate on crosses?

In San Francisco, Occupiers moved into an abandoned hotel.  When police showed up, a number of them went to the roof and began hurling bricks and Bibles down upon the officers.  The Bibles were brashly thrown from the roof as if they were no different than the hard bricks.

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In New York, Occupiers had been invited into a local church by the pastor who supported their movement.  In return, someone stole the bronze lid from the baptismal font which was quite expensive.  Someone also urinated on a cross that was in the church as if it were the urinal in a men’s room.

Occupier’s actions are nothing more than an act of blasphemous desecration of symbols of the Christian religion.  Urinating in a church, considered by most Christians to be a house of God is disgusting, insulting and exemplifies a complete lack of moral character.

Where is the public outcry against the Occupiers for their willful desecration of Bibles, churches and crosses?

What do you think would happen if they had been throwing Korans off of roofs or if they had gone into a mosque and stolen items used in worship and urinated on the symbols of Islam?  The outcry from the Muslim community would be loud and angry.  If Muslims issue a death sentence for someone that mocked Allah in a cartoon, I’m sure they’d do the same for those who desecrated their holy book, symbols of their faith and their house of worship.

The reason there is no public outcry is that Christianity is the only religion that can be mocked and desecrated.  No one would dare do it to any other religion.  They yell when it’s against Muslim terrorists (Taliban) but not when it’s against Christianity.

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