Okay to Vote Twice Says DNC Salaried Employee

On September 7, 2012, Project Veritas sent an undercover person into President Obama’s grassroots campaign group known as Organizing for America, headquarters in Houston, Texas.  The agent explained that she was registered to vote in Florida and in Texas and wanted to vote twice to help Obama’s chance of winning re-election.

The staffer she spoke with, Stephanie Caballero, the Regional Field Director for OFA in Houston, is a salaried employee of the Democratic National Committee.  In the course of two visits from the Veritas agent, Caballero helped her and encouraged her to vote in both states, clearly violations of federal election laws.

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The last two minutes of the video shows further examples of Organizing for America staff allowing voters to register in a second state so they could vote twice and in one instance vote three times.  Notice that none of the Obama campaign people upheld federal voting laws by firmly telling the people that they could only vote in one state and refuse to register them if they were already registered in another state.

This campaign and voter fraud is no surprise as the Obama campaign and administration have been rife with corruption starting back in 2008.  This should be a glaring example of just how far the Obama campaign people will go to make sure Obama wins in November.  If they can’t win honestly, then they plan to win dishonestly which is why the Democratic Party is so against any type of voter fraud laws or cleaning up of voter registration rolls.

Even with the video evidence, it’s up to the Justice Department to do anything about these illegal actions but we all know that won’t happen.  There was video evidence and sworn affidavits against two members of the New Black Panthers used physical threats in intimidating voters to vote for Obama.  The Justice Department refused to prosecute and dropped the charges.  Besides, Obama marched with the New Black Panthers in his 2007 campaign in Selma, AL, so why would you expect the DOJ to prosecute them for civil rights violations of voter intimidation.  So is there any reason to expect the DOJ to take action against Obama’s paid and volunteer campaign workers for violating federal election laws?

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