On a Highway to Hill

With Hillary Clinton’s Big Announcement of her presidency campaign for the presidency on Sunday came the first demonstrations of the incompetency we could expect from a Hell House Hillary White House.

Not only did her chief of staff upstage her big announcement by sending an email saying “I wanted you to hear it from me first” before her speech, but her campaign staff issued a press release saying Clinton had “fought children and families all her career.”

While true, it’s not the impression Clinton was hoping to make on gullible voters.

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On top of all that mess, the campaign people pointed voters to a YouTube channel that didn’t work, and the official website contained biographical information but no policies or issue information.

hillaryLogoHillary’s campaign logo has come in for some criticism as well, looking as it does like an airplane crashing into the Twin Towers.

Probably the best rip on the Clinton logo so far is one that places it beside the Obama campaign logo, then captions the Hillary logo with “I’m with Stupid.” Of course, the letters “H” and “O” together spell something that we won’t repeat here.

The campaign symbol’s an interesting piece of work nonetheless.

Notice how when you look at it, the arrow appears to be pointing right, which is the direction the country needs to go. Yet, for anybody wearing it on a T-shirt or carrying it on a sign, the arrow points to their left, which is surely where Hillary would be taking us.

Hillary already has a reputation for scandal and dodging rules she doesn’t like. Just imagine what she could do with all the new presidential powers Obama has created for himself.

Saturday Night Live already did a spoof of Clinton‘s announcement, which is worth watching.

Honestly, I thought the country was scraping the bottom of the barrel when it voted for Obama twice.

If Hillary were to win? Shudder.

Although, there is one possible positive to a Hillary presidency. She may be the only person who could make all record and memory of the Obama Administration disappear forever. …

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