On Cue, Obama’s ‘Historic’ Deal With Iran Falls Apart

As predictable as the sun rising.

Iran’s mullahs couldn’t even wait a few hours before they started questioning the deal the White House announced it had reached, and now they are already announcing plans to violate the terms in Obama’s talking points.

It’s got to be some kind of record. Not only is the ink not dry on the treaty, it hasn’t even been applied since the deal has yet to go to the United Nations for its international seal of approval.

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(Note to Congress: You should be speaking up on that point. It’s kinda like, ya know, I dunno, yer JOB.)

According to Iran’s FARS news agency, Parliament was told on Tuesday that the government would begin spinning up its newest centrifuges, the IR-8 type, as soon as its deal takes hold.

FARS wrote, “Iran’s foreign minister and nuclear chief both told a closed-door session of the parliament on Tuesday that the country would inject UF6 gas into the latest generation of its centrifuge machines as soon as a final nuclear deal goes into effect by Tehran and the six world powers.”

As the Times of Israel reported, “If accurate, the report makes a mockery of the world powers’ much-hailed framework agreement with Iran, since such a move clearly breaches the US-published terms of the deal, and would dramatically accelerate Iran’s potential progress to the bomb.”

The IR-8s can enrich uranium in about 1/20th the time it takes the existing IR-1 centrifuges.

Meanwhile, the White House seems to be unclear on what it’s agreed to. President Obama earlier this week seemed to indicate that after 13 years under the treaty, Iran would be able to choose to build a nuclear bomb quickly.

The State Department scrambled to cover for the Emperor, but still managed to put out a statement that said Obama’s  words were “a little muddled” and “a little mixed up.”

State Department spokesmonkey Marie Harf said the words had been misread (naughty teleprompter) and had actually referred to a hypothetical situation that would have occurred if a deal had not been reached.

I wonder if the mullahs “misread” some of the same parts.

Whatever agreement Emperor Obama and his people think they’ve obtained, it’s written in sand. It’s difficult enough to hold Muslim people to any sort of legal agreement due to Islam’s condoning of taqiyyah, the practice of lying to infidels in order to further the goals of Islam.

But Iran’s leaders in particular have a long established pattern of duplicitous behavior stretching back to the Carter Administration, when the game was “negotiations” for hostages. Back then, they would issue demands, the Carter gnomes would grant all the concessions and ask for a deal to be signed, and the mullahs would issue new demands. The Iranians were able to string those talks out until Reagan took office.

What’s going to happen now is one of two things. Either John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry and crew will pretend they never heard a thing about the statements to Iran’s Parliament, and the whole affair will just coast to the United Nations for a rubber stamp and a thumbs-up for Kerry’s Nobel Peace Prize. Or, the State Department will scramble to arrange more meetings where Kerry can be yelled at, the Iranian negotiator will demand some new concession like having Kerry serve him breakfast in bed, the State Department will comply in exchange for another verbal agreement, and things will proceed to the United Nations.

Once the deal is cleared at the U.N., what will happen is that Iran will proceed exactly as it had planned all along to produce a nuclear weapon, only now when anybody questions its actions, Iran will thump the treaty and raise a stink at the Muslim-weighted U.N.

All of these things will be cyclical distractions until the day comes that Iran has the warheads and the long-range missiles (something apparently completely ignored in the current nuke deal) to hit the California coast, or at least Alaska and Hawaii.

How exactly World War III will then play out is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile, historians will write their hagiographies of Obama, the “Peace President,” who began and ended his reign with unearned Nobel prizes.

We can only hope that Benjamin Netanyahu remains on the ball, because just like with the border, the Obama Administration has left us wide open to whatever comes our way.

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