On Libya, Rand Paul Criticizes the Left and the Right!

Look, we all knew going into this that Senator Rand Paul’s biggest weakness would be his foreign policy positions. Unlike other recent candidates, his problem isn’t that he doesn’t “know enough” about foreign policy… it’s that he is too far out of the establishment (and grassroots) mainstream with his foreign policy. Senator Paul is seen as too dovish and too “non-interventionist” by the average Republican voter and by the majority of the GOP (and Democrat) establishment. Senator Paul has done his best to blunt those criticisms, but he isn’t necessarily shying away from them. In a recent speech in New Hampshire, Senator Paul explained what made him different from everyone else in the 2016 Presidential race.


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Hillary Clinton’s State Department sent three comedians to India on the “Make Chai Not War.” She spent $650,000 on Facebook ads. It seems the State Department does not have enough likes on their Facebook. She spent $5 million on crystal barware. All along, not enough money for security

Time after time after time, the soldiers were told not to wear their military style boots because they did not want to offend the Libyans. They didn’t want a show of weapons because it is politically incorrect to show weapons — they’re in the middle of a war zone — which gets me even farther back, why the hell did we ever go into Libya in the first place?

And this is something, if you watch closely, will separate me from many other Republicans. The other Republicans will criticize the president, and Hillary Clinton for their foreign-policy, but they would have just done the same thing, just 10 times over. Everyone of the ones who were criticizing me wanted troops on the ground, our troops on the group in Libya. I think it was a mistake to be in Libya. We are less safe. Jihadists swim in our swimming pool now. It’s a disaster; we should have never been there.


I for one have a hard time finding fault with Senator Paul on foreign policy, and yes, I KNOW I am in the minority. It’s just my personal opinion, but looking back at the last 25+ years of American foreign policy… I don’t think the mainstream, establishment foreign policy plan has worked. I don’t know that Senator Paul’s plans are any better… but they are different.

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