One in Five Americans Dependent on Government

One of the basic tenets of a socialistic takeover of a nation is get as many citizens as possible to depend on the government for some form of aid.  The more the people rely on the government, the less they rely on themselves and the churches.  This is taught in Marxism 101.

To determine where America is on that path, the Heritage Foundation conducted a study and recently released their findings in the Index of Dependence on Government.  The results of their study show an alarming trend that America is well on its way to becoming a nation of government dependents.

In their report, they revealed that the average American’s disposable income is $32,446 per year and the average American receiving federal government assistance adds up to $32,748 per year.

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The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis Director William Beach shares another staggering statistic,

“… We now have [about] 67 million Americans who are getting significant aid from the government for their housing or their food or their income support or their healthcare or their education — or all five put together.  When you think of 67 million, that’s big enough; but imagine, that’s one out of every five Americans.

“We’re about to get the largest generation in U.S. history to retire … the Baby Boom generation.

“They’re not all going to retire on January 1, but over the next ten years, we’re going to see millions of those people retire. Many of those people, unfortunately, won’t have saved enough. They’ll be living totally on Social Security and getting all of their healthcare through the Medicare Part A program.”

Their findings support what many other experts have been saying.  If the federal government does not take swift and extensive action to cut spending and cut the federal debt that the current course we are on is bound for certain collapse.

Yet if you listen to what many Democrats, and some liberal Republicans are saying, they don’t want to cut either spending or the debt.  In fact, they want to increase spending and the hell with the debt.  That’s like aiming your car to go over a cliff and stomping down on the gas pedal so you reach the moment of doom that much faster.

Marxism 201 teaches that one way to secure control of a nation is to drive it to financial ruin.  When the economy collapses, the political leaders assume complete control over the nation, its economy, commerce, military, everything.  And there you have a once free nation broken down and saved by the wonderful Marxist leaders who will provide for all.

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