One Nation Under Allah Pledge Recited in Arabic at NY School

Prior to the 2008 presidential election, you never heard of any public school teaching and pushing Islam. When students recited the Pledge of Allegiance, it was always in English and you heard the words ‘One nation under God.’

Since a hoodwinked and color prejudiced people elected a Muslim to occupy the White House, all that has changed.

Over the past four to six years we’ve seen more and more schools overstepping the supposed bounds of separation of church and state that has been used to keep Christianity out of the public schools. Students can’t pray in public schools, unless they are Muslim and pray to Allah. You can’t read the Bible in public schools but students are reading the Quran and learning to recite Islamic verses. You can’t hold Christian oriented baccalaureate services for graduating seniors like we did in my day, but high schools can have girls only proms to appease Muslim students.

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Now I hear of another school that has overstepped the bounds by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic and substituting ‘One nation under Allah’ for ‘One nation under God.’ This just took place at Pine Bush High School in the small rural town of only of 1,700 people located about 80 miles north of New York City.

Supposedly the Arabic Pledge of Allegiance was part of their honoring National Foreign Language Week. Each day the Pledge was recited in a different language and this past Wednesday the school chose Arabic.

It didn’t take long for a number of students and parents to complain to the school. Many of the complaints came from Jewish students and families who had lost loved ones in the war against Islamic terrorism. As the complaints came pouring in, the school quickly issued an apology saying:

“We sincerely apologize for having the Pledge of Allegiance recited this morning in the high school in a language other than English. In our school district the Pledge of Allegiance will only be recited in English as recommended by the Commissioner of Education.”

Andrew Zink, the student body president defended the Arabic Pledge and said he would do it all over again.

Alex Krug, another student at the school disagreed with Zink’s decision, saying:

“I think it should be said in English. It is foreign language week but we don’t even offer Arabic in Pine Bush High School.”

Another critic stated:

“Thanks to the illegal invasion and the concept of ‘celebrate diversity,’ English is becoming a foreign language in America.”

Yet another critic who identified himself as an American of Arab Christian ancestry commented:

“The Pledge of Allegiance isn’t a ‘salute’ to America. It’s a promise to be loyal to it. Part of that loyalty should be to learn English and integrating into our culture.”

I wonder what would have happened to a student or school officials if they had recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Japanese or German during World War 2? The entire community and nation would have been in an uproar. Chances are the student would have bene expelled and the school officials who allowed it to happen would have been fired on the spot and possibly accused of treason.

While many say we are not at war with Islam, all those who we are at war with are Muslims and fight in the name of Islam. Not all Japanese or Germans were at war with the United States back then, but that made no difference to the overall perception. Not only are we at war with Islamic terrorists, but many Muslims who say they are not at war with us also turn around and say that they want to see America converted to an Islamic nation and change our culture, law, religion and government. In my mind, that’s war.

I understand studying one’s enemies with the concept of knowing how best to defend against them, but why do we have to openly teaching their ways to our impressionable youth? We need to return to teaching them the moral values that helped create and build our once great nation instead of teaching them to embrace the morals and culture of our enemies.

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