One of Obama’s Protected Illegals Rapes and Murders US Veteran

I’ve written numerous times in the past about the Obama administration releasing thousands of illegal aliens with criminal records back onto the streets of America. Many are members of Mexican gangs who brought their violent ways with them when they entered our country illegally. Even though Barack Obama vowed to deport every illegal convicted of a felony, his minions continue to release thousands of them into our neighborhoods to continue on with their violent ways of raping, beating, robbing and murdering American citizens.

Last month the nation was in an uproar when an illegal felon that should have been jailed or deported shot and killed a beautiful young woman in San Francisco. Last year an illegal shot and killed a convenience store clerk around the corner from where I lived in Mesa, Arizona. Before that an illegal who was a convicted felon for hit and run avoided jail and deportation and these are just a few of the vicious crimes committed against Americans by the illegals that Obama continues to protect.

Now we hear about a horrible vicious crime committed by two illegals against a US military veteran that should never have happened.

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Marilyn Pharis, 64, was a US military veteran and retired civilian employee of Vandenberg Air Force Base who lived in Santa Monica, California. On July 24, she was home sleeping when two illegals broke into her home. They beat her with a claw hammer, strangled, raped her and left for dead. Pharis died from her wounds several days later.

The two illegals have been identified as 29 year old Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez and 20 year old Jose Fernando Villagomez. Ramirez had been previously arrested and charged with committing battery against a woman and possession of meth. In May 2014 he was placed on probation.

Like many of the criminal illegals he was arrested twice this year for violating the terms of his probation. He was caught with a concealed gun and in possession of drugs. However, a liberal judge in Santa Barbara decided to send him to a substance abuse program instead of sending him to jail where he belonged. Just days prior to his attack on Pharis, he was released and once again allowed to walk the streets of Santa Barbara where he and his fellow illegal brutally raped and murdered Pharis.

With his criminal record and propensity of ignoring California and US laws, you would expect Customs and Immigration officials to call for his arrest and deportation but as usual they failed in their responsibility to uphold immigration laws and protect the American people.

According to county officials, ICE refused to issue any orders to have him detained. When asked, ICE officials told the media they did not issue a retainer:

“…based on the agency’s enforcement priorities after a thorough review of his case history showed he had no prior deportations or felony criminal convictions.”

Had ICE done its job to begin with back in 2014, Pharis would still be unharmed and alive. Had the judge done his job and sent the illegal criminal to jail where he belongs, Pharis would still be unharmed and alive  If Barack Obama had done his job of protecting the American people, Pharis would still be alive.

Ralph Martin, Sheriff of Santa Barbara is irate over the crime and places blame on officials all the way up to the White House as he told the media:

“I think this is a national issue – it starts with administration and their policies.”

“You can draw a direct line to this governor and Legislature. I am not remiss to say that from Washington DC to Sacramento, there is a blood trail to Marilyn Pharis’ bedroom.”

I fully agree with Sheriff Martin. Pharis’ blood is on the hands of the judge, ICE and Barack Obama. The American people need to demand to know how many more of us must fall victim to Obama’s protected illegals before he or Congress takes measures to protect us and deport them all. We also deserved to know why Obama insists on protecting the illegals while attacking American citizens by trying to strip us of our guns and tax us to death.

Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor to the United States Constitution and the American people. He continually aides our enemies at the expense of you, me and every other American citizen and as Americans we should be insisting on the arrest, conviction and execution as the worst traitor in American history!


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