Only Way Holder Can Defend Self is to Play Race Card

With sixty members of Congress calling for his immediate resignation and 75 signing a no confidence resolution, US Attorney General Eric Holder has no where left to turn but scream RACE.

Like King Belshazzar who was feasting and carrying on with his own splendor, Holder has got to be seeing the writing on the wall.  After he appeared before Congress to defend his actions in the Fast and Furious guns to drug cartel fiasco that resulted in the immediate death of US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and countless others, Holder seems to be resorting to his last desperate measure to try to save his job.

In an interview that appeared in the Sunday New York Times, Holder brazenly accused all of his critics of being racially motivated in their attacks on him and President Obama.  Holder said,

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“This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him.  Both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

Why is it that blacks are the first ones to yell ‘race’ when they’ve been caught doing something wrong?  I’ve seen it in the workplace time and time again.  As a former retail manager, I’ve had to fire my share of employees for various reasons, usually for stealing or excessive absences.  Those people I’ve fired have been white, black, Hispanic, American Indian and oriental, but only the blacks tried to use race against me.

In one case, we had three shoplifters, two blacks and one white, which our security guard was watching.  We stationed a couple of our stock boys outside to help make the arrest once they attempted to leave the store with the unpaid merchandise.  The security guard and I followed them out of the store and tried to stop them.  The three took off running in all different directions.  A white girl was waiting in a running car for them and actually hit one of our stock boys who was trying to apprehend the white guy.  Consequently, the white guy and one of the black guys escaped.  We did catch one of the black guys with over $200 of stolen merchandise stuffed down his shirt and pants.  He immediately screamed race and it wasn’t three days later that good ole Jesse Jackson rolled into town to keep the race pot stirring.

Fortunately, we had nine customers, white and black, that signed statements that they witnessed the ordeal, the hit and run and our recovery of the stolen merchandise from the one that was apprehended.  Once Jackson saw the evidence and statements from other blacks, he quietly left town and our shoplifter went to jail.  Incidentally, our stock boy had a broken leg, cracked rib and dislocated shoulder.

(I have to make a note here in that I am aware that I am using politically incorrect terms to describe certain ethnic groups, but I do so for accuracy sake.  I have good friends who are white and legally immigrated here from South Africa and are now US citizens.  To me and to them, they are African-American and actually take offense when the term is used for blacks who were born here in the US.  Likewise, I use American Indians instead of Native Americans.  I was born in New Jersey, so that makes me a native American, but I’m not Indian.)

But should it be any surprise to see Holder playing his race card when he has been well taught by his White House Messiah?  When Obama was running for president, he repeatedly denied that race had anything to do with his election.  However, once he moved into the office, he repeatedly used his race card when it suited his need, especially to drum up votes.

What would have happened if Bill Clinton had played the ‘white’ race card when he faced impeachment?  Had he done that, he would have immediately been branded as the racist.  But when a Holder or Obama play the ‘black’ race card, all of their opponents are immediately branded as being the racists.

Mr Holder, as top cop in the country, you should be setting the example that you want everyone else to follow.  You, above all, should know better than to try to use such a lame excuse as race to defend yourself, especially when you have accused so many others of doing the same thing.  Quit being such a hypocritical crybaby and stand up and take your punishment like a man, not like a Democrat.

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