Ontario Government Declares War Against Catholic Church and Schools

Glen Murray, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in the Ontario, Canada government has told Catholic schools that they are no longer allowed to teach biblical principles against homosexuality.  Additionally, he told them that they must allow gay clubs to organize at all Catholic schools.

Speaking publicly on the his anti-bullying bill, Murray said,

“I have to say to the bishops: ‘You’re not allowed to do that anymore.’  I’m not allowed to say to the Catholics—nor should I—or to other Christians or Muslims or Jews, that because of your faith you’re intrinsically disordered.”

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“I would never say to you that anything that goes on in your family with the person you love—can you imagine me describing a husband-and-wife relationship as inherently depraved?”

“… There’s no one here that’s suggesting that we shouldn’t teach a Catholic perspective in our schools.”

“It is about celebrating diversity. It isn’t about taking Catholic teaching out of Catholic schools.  It’s about putting life-affirming, positive images and stories around gay and lesbian children, Muslim children, kids and women of all shapes.”

Would it surprise you to learn that Glen Murray is a homosexual and has long fought for gay rights in Ontario and all of Canada.  He is using his position as a cabinet minister to push his personal homosexual philosophy onto the people of Quebec.  Murray has no respect for anyone else’s religious beliefs if they are different from his and now he is trying to force all Catholic schools to act in direct violation of their religious views.

The crux of Murray’s Accepting Schools Act or SB 13 is more about promoting homosexual rights rather than the anti-bullying measures he claims.  The bill is also supposed to stop any anti-hate language which Murray defines as any speech that condemns his perverse gay lifestyle.  Incorporated into the anti-measure of Bill 13 is a provision that requires, yes, REQUIRES all publicly funded schools including Catholic schools to form clubs for gays and straights in the hope that it would help make homosexuality better accepted among straight students.

Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Catholics reacted to Murray’s announcement by saying that his actions amount to a declaration of war against the Catholic Church and all they believe in.  He also added,

“We’ve been saying all along that McGuinty wants to dictate what the Church can teach in its schools and here it is straight from the government’s mouth.”

Dominic and other Catholic leaders in Ontario are mounting a defensive move and calling for all Catholics and Protestants to fight against Murray and his gay rights bill.  Their calls have been heard as over 2,000 people gathered at Queen’s Park last Thursday in a unified effort to defeat passage of Bill 13.

Even though this is all taking place on the other side of our northern border, similar actions are not out of the question from our own national government, especially when you consider the contraception mandate which is still being fought against by Christian schools and organizations across the nation.

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