Opening the Eyes of the Blind

Many people see and hear things all the time, but react as is they are blind and deaf, especially when it comes to politics and the politicians they favor.

According to the latest Gallup Poll, Americans are starting to lose some of their political blindness.  In their 2009 poll, only 32% of those polled blamed Obama ‘a great deal’ and ‘a moderate amount’ for the state of the nation’s economy.  In their latest poll, 53% blame Obama for the state of the economy.  On the converse, 80% blamed Bush in 2009 and in this month’s poll only 69% still blame Bush.

Interestingly, 83% of the Republicans polled blame Obama and 86% of Democrats polled blame Bush.  Independents blamed both presidents nearly the same with 60% blaming Obama and 67% blaming Bush.  In 2009, only 37% of independents blamed Obama and 81% blamed Bush.

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The shift in opinions goes hand-in-hand with the increased disapproval ratings of Obama within many of the groups that supported him in 2008.  Members of the Black Caucus and NAACP have become more outspoken with their criticisms and disappointment with Obama and the way he has nose-dived the county.

People are starting to open their eyes and see just how badly Obama has been ruining the economy.  While he did inherit an economic crisis when he took office, (which I still contend was set up first by Clinton’s home loan programs), instead of leveling off the crisis or slowing it down, all Obama has done is to point the nose of our economy down into a steeper decent towards a certain crash and destruction.  America desperately needs a new pilot that can grab the stick and start to pull back and avert the oncoming collision.  We need a pilot that knows how to fly, not one bent on crashing.

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