Oregon County Votes to Oppose State’s New Gun Background Checks

Oregon has become a beacon for liberalism over the past few decades. They were the first stats to pass an assisted suicide law. They have approved the recreational use of marijuana, passed strict anti-gun laws and are giving illegals many benefits and rights they don’t deserve.

However, it seems that not everyone in Oregon is as liberal as their governor and state legislators.

Mid way along Oregon’s coast is picturesque Lane County. Although it’s the fourth most populous county in the state, almost half of the county is owned and maintained by the US Forest Service. This makes collecting enough tax revenue to support even the basic governmental services difficult.

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Consequently, the Lane County Board of Commissioners just voted 4-1 to pass a resolution stating that the county will not enforce the state’s new firearm background check law. One of the reasons they gave for their vote was that the new state law was an unfunded mandate that the county could not afford to enforce. One county official estimated that the new background checks would cost the county at least $60,000 a year.

They argued that the Oregon Constitution has a provision stating that the state legislature is not allowed to pass any law that will create undue financial burdens on local governments. Since the state’s new background check law, SB 941 does not provide any means to provide the necessary funding for counties like Lane County to carry out the background checks, four of the commissioners claimed the bill falls under the ‘unfunded mandate.’

There was also a second reason that four of the commissioners voted to pass the resolution to not enforce the background checks and that’s because they support the Second Amendment and the rights of county citizens to freely own guns. They agree with many of their constituents that the new state law infringes on their Second Amendment rights.

This prompted Commissioner Pete Sorenson, who cast the only no vote, to claim that the other commissioners passed the resolution in an effort to pander to the voters. Hello? Isn’t that what politicians elected by the people are supposed to do?

So many liberals forget that America was established as a republic not a democracy. In a republic, the people elect leaders to do what the people want them to do. In a democracy, people elect leaders who rule them according to what the leaders want, not the people. Obviously, Sorenson believes in a democracy, not a republic.

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