Oregon Preparing to Abandon Sexually Abused Children

Is there a difference between a man sexually abusing a girl; a woman sexually abusing a boy or a minor being sexually abused by an adult of the same sex? In most states, there is no difference as they are all a crime and the child generally seeks some sort of therapy to help them cope and recover.

But what if the child being abused by a member of the same sex has gay tendencies? Where do they go for help and counseling? If they live in California or New Jersey, they may not be able to get the proper counseling since these states have passed laws banning gender affirming therapy and counseling of minors. Don’t forget that New Jersey’s so-called Republican Governor Chris Christie eagerly signed the bill into law making it illegal for a minor to receive reparative therapy for homosexuality.

Oregon, known for being a liberal state is also working to pass a bill to outlaw effective gender affirming reparative therapy of minors. HB 2307 passed the Oregon House and will now be sent on to the Senate where it will most likely pass.

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Proponents of these bills claim that reparative therapy is harmful to children and that there are no known cases where it has actually benefitted a child. Like most liberals, it’s not that there are no cases of successful therapy because there are numerous cases of successes, rather they ignore the facts and spread lies to promote their gay agenda. The last thing gays want to see are programs and therapies that are successful and take gender confused children and turn them into normal straight heterosexual people.

According to Equality and Justice For All:

“Each year thousands of men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions make the personal decision to leave a gay identity through gender affirming programs, including counseling, support groups, faith based ministries, and other non-judgmental environments. Their decision is one only they can make. However, there are others in society who refuse to respect individual self-determination. Consequently, formerly gay men and women are reviled simply because they dare to exist.”

“Equality and Justice For All is the only civil rights organization to further the general welfare of the ex-gay community by promoting fair and equitable laws and policies protecting their rights. By furthering individual self-determination and liberty for former homosexuals, we strive to reduce bigoted representations of the ex-gay sexual orientation status. We ensure that ex-gays and their friends and families can be open, honest, safe, and respected in a diverse society.”

“Equality and Justice For All also advocates for homosexuals with unwanted same-sex attractions. We endeavor to increase fairness and equitable treatment for former homosexuals, and help communities overcome the effects of prejudice and intolerance against gays who no longer want to live out a gay identity.”

Their website describes what Oregon’s HB 2307 does:

“HB 2307 would prohibit a licensed mental health practitioner in Oregon from offering counseling or psychotherapy to a minor that has unwanted same-sex attractions and seeks to change his/her sexual orientation. It would also take away the rights of parents to choose a licensed mental health care provider for their children that is consistent with their religious and/or spiritual values, if their child wants to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions and seek sexual orientation change.”

Christopher Doyle, of Equality And Justice For All commented about Oregon’s bill:

“Under this bill, minors would shockingly be denied the choice of voluntarily accessing the help they desire to deal with unwanted homosexual feelings, and pro-gay activists are doing everything in their power to make sure that their rights are being denied. To propagate their lies, gay activists have made outrageous claims that this therapy involves electroshock and other forms of aversive methods, but they have yet to offer any proof of this. Contrary to their claims, this counseling is simply talk therapy.”

“Additionally, their attempt to deny minors equal access to this therapy is particularly unconscionable when you consider that minors often struggle with same-sex attractions as a result of rape or molestation by pedophiles. Homosexual activists would rather keep these young people locked in a lifetime of hopelessness—and silence—than allow them to find healing from rape or molestation.”

In other words, children that are questioning their sexuality and end up being sexually abused by an adult of the same sex, will be denied the opportunity to help them cope and to go straight. The only therapy allowed will the kind that only pushes them further into homosexuality, regardless if they want to or not.

Gay activists don’t believe anyone will or can chose to change from being a homosexual and therefore they are pushing legislation to ensure that it never happens. They are so concerned about their own perverted and abominable lifestyle that they have no concern or compassion for children seeking proper help. It’s their way or no way.

Oregon’s bill, along with similar ones already signed into law in other states, strip parents of their rights and doom children with gender issues to a life of sinful debauchery and shame. These pieces of legislation are harmful, dangerous and should never be allowed to become law. Parents need to rise up and replace their state legislators and governors with ones that respect the rights and wellbeing of parents and their children.

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