Oregon Taxpayers Pay $303 Million for Scrapped Healthcare Website

In spite of President Barack Obama’s proclamations of the success of the Affordable Care Act, we continue to hear more stories of failures than successes.  Yeah, I know that Sen. Harry Reid claims that there are no failures and that all of the people that have experienced problems and nightmares with Obamacare are all liars.

So what is Harry Reid going to tell Oregon residents who are finding out that their Cover Oregon healthcare program was just flushed down the electronic toilet at the cost of $303 million?

This past Friday, the Oregon board that oversees the state’s Cover Oregon healthcare website decided to forgo their trouble-ridden website and to use the federal Healthcare.gov website.  After already spending $303 million for the design, implementation and continual repairs to their state run website, they said it would cost at least an additional $78 million to make additional repairs and take months to accomplish.  Switching over to the infamous Healthcare.gov would only cost them $4-$6 million.

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Liz Baxter, Chair of the Cover Oregon Board, stated:

“I don’t know that anyone in the room is excited about going down this path.  But I think it’s the only option.”

Rep. Greg Walden, Oregon’s only Republican in Congress, commented about the state’s website fiasco, saying:

“Once again, Obamacare causes chaos and confusion for Oregonians.  Today, the same board that oversaw the colossal waste at Cover Oregon voted to throw in the towel, and taxpayers are left stuck with the bill.”

“The board should explain further to the taxpayers of Oregon and the nation how exactly this massive failure happened.”

Jahan Wilcox, Spokesman for the Republican National Committee says that Oregon voters should be told that it was their Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley whose support of Obamacare led to its passage and implementation.  He said:

“It’s remarkable that Cover Oregon was such a disaster that moving into the troubled HealthCare.gov is considered an improvement.”

“Oregonians can give themselves a real upgrade by firing Sen. Jeff Merkley, whose deciding vote for Obamacare resulted in the creation of Cover Oregon.”

Five state officials connected with the building of Cover Oregon by Oracle Corp, have resigned.  Gov. Kitzhaber ordered an investigation which discovered that managers failed to take any action when informed of the many technical problems with the website.

So, Sen. Harry Reid, is this just another lie perpetrated by conservative Republicans to disparage your shining achievement or for once in your political career are you willing to admit to the truth?

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