Oregon Woman Wins Lawsuit After Walmart Refused to Sell Her a Rifle Because She Wasn’t 21

An Oregon woman has won a lawsuit against Walmart after the retailer refused to sell her a rifle because she was not yet 21 years of age. We have yet another example of liberals trying to limit our Second Amendment rights one little step at a time.

One of the newer moves to put an end to the Second Amendment is to raise age limits so that fewer Americans are “allowed” to buy guns. Lately many states have been mulling the idea of raising age limits from 18 to 21.

To get ahead of this movement, some retailers went ahead and changed their own policies and are selling guns only to people 21 and older. This is what Walmart did in Oregon. Unfortunately for Walmart, the retailer got ahead of Oregon’s effort to officially raise its age limit. In Oregon the age is still 18 and older.

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As it happens, a young woman who was not 21, tried to buy a rifle at Walmart in St. Helens, Oregon, but the store denied her citing its new, left-wing, anti-gun policy. So, she took them to court.

Per WWeek.com:

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found this week that a Walmart store in St. Helens violated the state’s nondiscrimination laws when it refused to sell a rifle to a woman who was not yet 21 years old.

Hannah Brumbles, 18, of Deer Island, Ore., filed a civil rights complaint with the state agency in April. She says Walmart discriminated against her by refusing to sell her a rifle, even though Oregon law says individuals over 18 may legally purchase firearms. BOLI agrees.

Interestingly, in its effort to satisfy gun haters, Walmart ran up against Oregon’s age discrimination law which protests people 18 and older.

You might think that federal anti-discrimination laws might apply to. But, as Ammoland reports, they do not.

Federal age discrimination law does not apply in this circumstance. Federal age discrimination law only applies to those who obtain benefits from the Department of Labor, or to employment matters. In employment, it only applies to those age 40 or older.

But, what we have here is another example of liberals whittling away at our Second Amendment. At one time there were no age limits on buying guns, but in our modern era, one by one states began to eliminate people’s right to buy a gun by adding age restrictions. And lately liberals have been trying to restrict age even more.

One assumes that if Oregon somehow changes its law to prevent people under 21 from being able to buy guns, Walmart will be in the clear in Oregon.

But, in the meantime, we got one small victory for the Second Amendment.

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