Ouch. Marco Rubio Calls Donald Trump “Touchy and Insecure”

I’m going to admit this straight from the outset: I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I don’t trust him, I don’t like his personality, I think he’s unflinchingly immoral and I think that he is wrong about several very important political issues. All of that being said, I don’t have anything against the people that do consider him the best GOP candidate for President, either.

I understand why they’re attracted to him; I just happen to think they’re wrong.

I should also mention that I happen to like Marco Rubio as a candidate for President. I think on everything other than illegal immigration Rubio is pretty solid and I’d be happy to support his candidacy.

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So, after all that, allow me to say that I think Rubio may have just taken the best shot at Trump of the campaign thus far. Until very recently, Trump has been the “Teflon Don” of the campaign (a role normally reserved for Democrats), but over the last week, he’s been exposed by both Carly Fiorina and now Marco Rubio.

In an interview on Kentucky Sports Radio Rubio criticized Trump for being far too “touchy and insecure.”

“First of all, he takes shots at everybody that gets anywhere close to him, in terms of a poll, or anytime he hits a rough spot that’s what he does.

He had a really bad debate performance last week. He’s not well informed on the issues. He really never talks about issues and can’t have more than a 10-second soundbite on any key issue. And I think he’s kind of been exposed a little bit over the last seven days, and he’s a very touchy and insecure guy and so that’s how he reacts, and people can see through it…

We’re building a campaign that’s designed to be successful when the votes actually count. We feel confident if we continue to do what we need to do we’re gonna get there.”

Here’s the thing. I think Rubio is right about this. I think that Donald Trump is “touchy” and “insecure.” For a man who’s been in the public eye for so long and in such antagonistic way, it’s counter-intuitive. You would think he’d be thick-skinned and unconcerned about what others say about him… in fact, he says he is.

“I don’t mind being criticized, and I don’t mind it at all. And I won’t use names, but there are certain people that criticize unfairly. If I do something wrong … I have very thick skin. I don’t mind being criticized. I’ll never, ever complain.”

But it’s just not true.

Trump responds insecurely whenever anyone says anything the least bit critical about him. Rich Lowry recently criticized Trump on Fox News, by saying that Fiorina had ‘cut off’ Trump’s “balls.” Trump’s response? He asked the FCC to fine him, Fox News to ban him, and the National Review to fire him!

It’s not just Lowry, of course – think about the way that Trump has responded whenever any of his competitors says anything about him. He’s gone to war with Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, and while he’s won most of those battles, think about the methods he’s used against them…

He gave Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number out to the public. He called Fiorina and Rand Paul “ugly.” He said that Jeb Bush is low energy (but was really implying “weak”). He mocked Rick Perry’s glasses.

The point is, Trump is not the alpha male he wants everyone to think that he is. If he were, he wouldn’t feel the overwhelming need to respond to every attack, and he wouldn’t be responding in such sophomoric fashion. I’d caution Trump supporters that once the race is down to two major candidates (one Republican and one Democrat), the media won’t let Trump get away with these antics. If he’s the candidate, Republicans would be risking disaster every time he stood to speak. And against either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden… we just can’t risk it.

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