Our American Tragedy

Just how is it that a newly elected Congresswoman feels the need to blurt out “Impeach the motherf—–?” Just how does this square with JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you” standard? In just fifty-nine short years, this comparison dreadfully points to our American decay.

At the heart of this self destruct is the intentional detour from former standards of education which instilled each succeeding generation with the vigor of American pride, patriotism, morality and proper citizenship. Consequently, in today’s world, these four categories have largely become ignored, even to the point of incurring laughter.

In addition but most perplexing is this two year display of bitterness against a duly elected President. This has continued despite the economic turn around and low unemployment numbers. Certainly, this revisit of a citizen interrupting his private affairs so he may volunteer service to his country has indeed brought a validation to our Forefather’s original design while at the same time, undressing the stagnation of the modern day career politician.

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What has transpired and brought us to this abyss has been a slow but uninterrupted course which was accentuated by those long ago atheist voices who objected to prayer in the classroom. The result, although improperly buffeted through a Supreme Court finding, was based upon pleasing a very minimal minority of citizens, as sadly is the case today.

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Recently, a congressional proposal from last year has surfaced, from the fact that two Muslim Congresswomen have since been elected. This change affects a 180 year plus regulation stating that members of Congress are to enter the chamber without any head wear. Now, with the advent of these two newly elected Congresswomen, and with a hypocritical approach regarding the erroneous but publicly accepted “separation of church and state” stipulation, apparently Muslim headgear is now permitted.

The point is just how does a society maintain its standards and guiding principles when conforming to its few objecting voices? What justifies the penalizing of the majority for the few? This was the case back when school prayer was deemed to be a tool for establishing an “official state religion.” Now, the wackiness of such a determination has become a preferable casualty when addressing the religious needs of only two of the five hundred and thirty five public servants. Can we see the self destructiveness embedded within this trend?

Shying away from these two religious based questions, there is little doubt that time not only heals wounds but also distorts originality. Today’s educational emphasis is just that, a distortion since we are now being advised that “What good is it if you graduate…and you don’t know how to work in a team…?”

That quip was just aired in the local Daytona Journal and was authored by a department head of a University. This may offer a glimpse into just how derailed are our educational goals. As those previous quotes offer, this comparison from the old time “three Rs” to the goal of learning the intricacies of being a team player seems to be equally rooted in decay.

This current educational avenue will eventually dead end. Today, we have an unhealthy dependence upon technology rather than the individual’s abilities. Consider that younger cashiers often seem lost when simply making change from the cash drawer. Also, what need is there for learning the cursive skills of yesteryear when texting abounds?

All this may seem old fashioned and antiquated but self sufficiency, rather than learning the skill set of a team player, was and still should be part of a valued and well rounded curriculum and an asset worthy of acquiring.

There is little doubt that this decay hides behind many faces but the educational tidbits which surface all point to an intentional disorder which borders upon educational treason.

When figuring in the decline of American morality, given that college dorms are now co-ed, “hooking up” is a convenience without commitment, and that legalizing former illegal drugs is now in fashion, is there any wonder as to why George Washington’s Rules for Civility or his book of Quotations will never be in “kindle” form? After all, what does “Civility” have to do with anything today?

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