Our Disrespectful Media

Jim Bowman

Without any intent to detract from the solemn events which will record the passing of an American President, one who routinely espoused a dignified and humble style of leadership, time has come to end this exploiting by a disrespectful media of our current President through the passing of one so grand.

While intending to further degrade President Trump’s masterful Presidency, today’s headline, “Trump odd man out as presidents assemble,” accomplished the opposite; at least from this reader’s perspective.

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There in color was a picture of our current leader and First Lady sitting in election order; Obama, Clinton and Carter, along with their former First Ladies. However, while the headline intended to insult, it actually, but quite unintentionally pinned the tail on those former three donkeys.

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Of course, this piece came through the efforts of our magnificent Associated Press, who could well embellish a secret oath that no matter the occasion, solemn or not, Trump will always remain in the AP’s crosshairs. At any rate, APers Catherine Lucey and Zeke Miller proceeded to trash a sitting President in the midst of a very solemn occasion, one which should have remain as a revered AP tribute.

Both writers theorized that Trump was ostracized by Obama, Clinton and Carter. Personally, I would assume that Carter remained oblivious to this entire depiction as his gentlemanly manner was solely geared to a former President’s passing. However, since the article includes him in what they label as “the presidents club,” it was further opined that this distinguished line up became “uneasy…when President Donald Trump and wife Melania arrived.” Need it be said that this anxiety is understandable if not expected?

Reversing the article’s intention to smudge our current leader, consider the accomplishment from this three man “club.” For the sake of brevity, a lengthy review is not necessary since what will be cited sets the tone for each inept period, devoid of American benefit or proper leadership.

First, is the eldest, former President Carter who commenced his Presidency by granting amnesty to all those who avoided our nation’s draft and fled to Canada. High inflation and lengthy lines at gas pumps characterized this well intended, seemingly good hearted man who has accomplished more since leaving office with his construction/humanitarian endeavors.

Then there is the “good ole boy,” the Arkansas charmer who never let a lass not catch his eye. But more importantly and least remembered was this documented draft dodger’s “Chinagate” scandals, which revealed election contributions from China in lieu of President Clinton’s re-election. Also not too well remembered was how the Chinese miraculously went from missile flubbing to masterful lift offs, which ironically, followed Clinton’s re-election.

Then, last but certainly not least, there is the artful dodger of a different sort. His promise of a “transparent” administration never materialized, much in the same manner as did his promise of “shovel ready jobs,” which supposedly would be financed through his highly touted “stimulus package,” of which totaled near a trillion dollars. Also too were Obama’s demands to keep his records sealed. Would it be proper to mention that answers still await concerning his birth certificate. Today, we are told; that was then and this is now. Embarrassment avoided, case closed.

As anyone can readily see, being ostracize from this batch of ne’er-do-wells, or worse, is not an insult but rather a proper need, even a gesture of respect but one of which went unnoticed by all media scribes who remain blinded and enraged from two years ago.

The article closes with the normal output from academia. Prof. Douglas Brinkley incorrectly suggests that “It’s unusual that a cabal of ex-presidents from both parties dislike a sitting president and that’s what you’ve got happening right now.” With bias such as his, imagine those eager young minds being fed his slanted theories?

Finally, the good professor incorrectly cites ex-presidents “from both parties,” in his effort to show a bipartisan unity against Trump. However, his fourth member was not pictured with nor named within that select “presidents club.” He also ignores the fact that according to this AP piece, former President Bush “made it a point to shake hands with all four couples.” In this age of Trump, it certainly seems that the matter with facts matters little.

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