“Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama” Actor Tells Audience

Shortly after the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama, the Soul Train Awards program was taped in front of a live audience in Las Vegas and what happened in Vegas did NOT stay in Vegas, but should have.  The awards program aired on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) station this past Sunday.  (What do think would happen if there was a White Entertainment Television station?)

When actor/comedian Jamie Foxx took the stage, he addressed the audience much like a loud Gospel preacher and said:

“It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God, and our Lord and savior, Barack Obama.  Barack Obama! Y’all stand up!”

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Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States reacted to the statement, saying:

“Foxx’s epiphany is startling.  It just goes to show that even though Obama did not succeed in stopping the oceans from rising (as he promised to do in 2008), he did succeed in convincing Jamie Foxx, and no doubt legions of others, that God exists. Whether God can survive an ACLU lawsuit accusing him of violating church and state grounds remains to be seen.”

Foxx’ statement was out right blasphemy in the first degree.  It’s also idolatrous in making Obama an object of worship.  Two thousand years ago, Foxx would have been stoned to death or hung on a cross for uttering such a statement.

But let’s examine Foxx’ statement for a moment, before we tar and feather him and run him out of town.

To begin with, Christ was born of a virgin.  We have no clue who Obama’s real father was.  Obama claims his father was Obama Sr., and yet there are a number of people suggesting that some evidence points to Frank Marshall Davis as being Obama’s real father.  One thing is certain, we do know where Christ was born, but the same can’t be said Obama.  Christ never hid His birth or origin from anyone, unlike Obama.

Christ was sinless.  He was unblemished, which qualified Him to be the only sacrifice acceptable for the sins of all of mankind.  If anything, Obama is the exact opposite.  Obama’s sins are stacking up faster than pancakes at an all you can eat breakfast.  He has lied about his birth and past.  He lied to the American people when he ran for the White House in 2008.  He has willfully broken and number of federal laws and provisions in the US Constitution.  He stole the 2012 election through fraud and intimidation.

As we all know, there is no comparison between our true Lord and Savior and the one that Foxx referred to.  Yet, thousands of black Americans look at Barack Obama as if he were their lord and savior.  You can be sure that the black lady, that was shouting that Obama gave her and all her friends free Obama phones, thinks of him in the same way that Foxx does.

But what is the scariest part of all of this is that if you carefully watch and listen to Obama, I think he believes it himself.  He has the arrogant look and mannerisms of someone who thinks of himself as being far superior to everyone else around them.  His actions show his disdain for the common folk, something Christ never did.

Now that we have made a clear distinction between Jesus Christ and Barack Obama, you have my permission to tar and feather Jamie Foxx for his blasphemy and run him out of town and out of the country.

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