Our Sad State of Things

By Jim Bowman

The sad thing about corruption is that it will never correct itself, it only continues with more of its own.  This is abundantly clear, first in New York State and now in Virginia.  Aside from current headlines, the culprit remains the same; namely, educational ignorance. That’s right, schools now indoctrinate rather than educate and thus, when an unconstitutional ruling is announced, emotion nudges out knowledge when hyped in media dailies.

Beginning on Friday, February 1st, reports surfaced about the Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, posing for a “racist photo” from his 1984 yearbook.  That was on Friday and the furor has ratcheted up ever since.   Again, this is all media show biz, given the timing of what preceded this sensationalized photo.  Also too, the media’s complicity is interwoven while juicing up a vulnerable citizenry.

Covering up the “doctor’s” previous comment about late term/post birth abortion, it became clear that in their haste to chase off the front pages what democrats endorse vehemently, this mindless scheme chose a black faced photo, again replaying their well worn racism gambit to carry the day and mesmerize the public’s attention.

Then, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax came into light in a Kavanaugh he said-she said.  And it doesn’t end there since the third in succession, Virginia State Attorney, Mark Herring, was identified in a similar blacken faced pose.  This surfaced after Herring condemned the Governor with such words as “indefensible,” “profoundly offensive” and “shocking and deeply disappointing,”  So, what seemed to be a safe and reliable diversion from the Governor’s outlandish abortion slip has now engulfed Virginia’s democratic hierarchy all the way down to possibly that long ago and forgotten Republican ‘coin flip’ winner, former Governor Kirk Cox!

In reality, this Virginia sideshow is but one view into an imploding Democrat party.  Yes, ‘imploding’ since now, Pelosi is attempting to balance both the older and younger democrat factions, an act that should severely limit her one last chance at stardom.  With this new younger and ‘progressive’ breed, a PC term for socialist/communists, America and her Constitution may find itself in a precarious position if these rascals should ever gain a commanding voice.  Again, this vulnerable state is made possible from a gullible and unknowing electorate.

And what of this rising acceptance of what was formally the dreaded ‘hammer and sickle or the ‘Red’ menace?  Is this transitioning the result from a natural order or has this been nurtured?  Certainly, this talk of infanticide coincides with the cruelty of a hammer or a sickle so is this our future and if so, how was it managed in such a relatively short time period?

Trashed are America’s two major military efforts against communism as these subjects have become as antiquated as learning the basic skills of penmanship?  Long ago, History and Geography fell victim to ‘Social Studies’ and that was back in my day!  Then Civics quickly followed.  Recently, the time tested math tables of addition, subtraction and so forth have joined in with the non-need to write one’s name!  Is signing with ‘your mark’ waiting in the wings?

With all that been discounted as a useless waste, how is it that in this land which outlawed prayer in school, Islam and ‘prayer rugs’ are now a sought after addition to many curriculums?

All this ties together in the most clearest of pictures.  Gone are the fundamentals, the traditions and the inter-generational respect which was showered upon time tested values. Instead, everything is now fair game since we are all brothers and sisters within this supposedly globalized community.  This reality should build a fear, not for the future so much but to the here and now, the present!

So, back to the original Virginia based quandary of infanticide and blackened faces.  The lack of a public backlash concerning what Roe v. Wade may now somehow include, if New York State is any indication, is deafening.  The secondary issue is just a political football tossed about by opportunists and emotions from past injustice.  We should all be familiar with what is said about dwelling in the past?  It seems that we may indeed ‘sacrifice the future’ since the present is hanging by one election!

What is needed is a refresher course in Americanism.  Just a plain and simple return to what actually inspired our Nation’s greatness.  A review of our criminal justice system and its definition of just what constitutes murder may do the trick.   If a pregnant lady is shot and killed, the defendant faces a double murder charge.  In response, a former pediatric MD in Virginia, who just happens to still occupy the Governor’s mansion suggests that the fact of being born is just a hindrance or technicality?  Are we listening?

Jim Bowman

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