Our Spineless and Traitorous Government

The news this weekend carried the report of the two hikers being held in Iran on charges of espionage and entering the country illegally being found guilty and sentenced to 8 years in prison.

The two men, along with one woman who has since been released, claimed they were hiking along the Iraq and Iran border in a region where the border was not well defined. They were summarily arrested by the Iranians and charged.

This story has been making headlines for 2 years. American citizens being held and charged for accidentally crossing a border they had no idea where it was. Many American’s have been outraged over how little our State Department has been willing to do to help these two young men gain their freedom. Basically, the State Department has done little to defend Americans accused of espionage and being illegal aliens.

But this should not be a surprise to American citizens when they see how far our government will go to ignore the US Constitution to defend and reward those who enter the US illegally. Instead of imprisoning foreign illegals, our government has recently declared that they will give them free medical coverage, free education for their kids, food stamps, and the right to continue to work in the US illegally and not pay income taxes.

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Our spineless government, starting with the White House, is guilty of treachery against the American people, both home and abroad.

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