Our Tax Dollars Rebuilding Barack Obama’s ‘Homeland’ of Kenya

For all of his efforts to distance himself from his reported homeland of Kenya, Barack Obama has been spending more and more taxpayer dollars to build up the nation.

According to the latest reports from the US Agency for International Development, American money has been flowing into Kenya faster than the agency can use it.  They have been forced to hire more contractors just to keep up with the projects being generated with all of the extra funds.

In a statement released by the agency, they said that,

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“Overall USAID/Kenya program has increased rapidly and exponentially, outstripping workforce resources available to effectively perform assessments and rigorous analyses … track results … manage recordkeeping, and other project development and program office functions.”

There are a variety of programs being paid for with nearly $0.5 billion.  The programs cover such areas as, population and HIV/AIDS, health, education, youth, government, economic growth, managing natural resources and numerous other assistance programs.

I feel for the people of Kenya and the poverty levels that many live in, but we have a growing number of Americans living in poverty thanks to Obamanomics.  More and more Americans are losing jobs and homes.  More businesses are downsizing or closing their doors (many more will close their doors if Obamacare stays).  Our nation has a debt that is skyrocketing higher and higher every day.

Does the White House expect us to believe that it is pure coincidence that Kenya is receiving more US dollars than any other sub-Saharan country in Africa?  Or is it because Mr Obama has a strong personal interest in this one country over all the others in the area?

America is on the brink of economic collapse and a depression that could make the Great Depression look like a minor recession.  So why are we spending hundreds of millions of dollars that we don’t have to build up other nations like Kenya, while ours is starting to collapse around us?

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