Outgoing Illinois Democratic Governor Leaves Political Booby Traps for New GOP Governor

Pat Quinn was a typical Illinois liberal Democratic politician, molded in the century old tradition of corrupt politics. Starting as a tax attorney in the Chicago area, Quinn ascended the political world at a commissioner on the Cook County (Chicago) Board of Tax Appeals. Then he became the revenue director for then Chicago Mayor Harold Washington. From there, Quinn served one term as the Illinois State Treasurer and then became the Lieutenant Governor under then Governor Rod Blagojevich.

When Blagojevich was removed from office after being convicted of corruption charges for trying to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat, Quinn was sworn in as the state’s new governor. Quinn continued in the style of government that Blagojevich, Obama and others had established and many people in the state became very unhappy and disillusioned with him.

In the 2014 election, Quinn faced Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, a wealthy private equity businessman. Rauner’s campaign focused on trying to work to improve the state’s sagging economy which Quinn didn’t seem to care much about. It was a contentious and bitter campaign with Quinn slinging as much mud as possible. When the votes were tallied, Quinn carried only one county in the entire state, but it was Cook County, the most populous county in the state. However, it was not enough to fend off Rauner’s challenge who won the election with 50.27% of the votes compared to Quinn’s 46.35%.

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From the time the election results were announced to Rauner being sworn in on January 12, 2015, Quinn issued a number of executive orders in an attempt to undermine Rauner’s governorship. His actions were equivalent to a child throwing a temper tantrum for not getting their way.

Among the executive orders that Quinn made was one to raise the minimum wage for state contracts to $10 per hour from the previous $8.25 per hour. Another executive order was one that called for Rauner to publicly release all of his tax records including all of the schedules of how he made his money and paid his taxes. Needless to say, Quinn’s last minute actions drew a lot of criticism from many corners of the state.

The first action Rauner took as the new governor of the state was to rescind all of Quinn’s executive orders. He stated that any that might have merit would be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Lance Trover, Rauner’s spokesman stated:

“It is clear that too many of Pat Quinn’s actions during his final weeks in office were in an effort to settle political scores and not wholly aimed at serving the public’s interest.”

Illinois State Rep. Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) commented about Quinn’s actions, saying:

“There’s a bunch of booby traps he left behind, leading to one reasonable conclusion: he was trying to stick it to Rauner on the way out.”

Rauner stated:

“My bias is to take action to undo pretty much everything Gov. Quinn did since the election, because every time we look, most of it’s bad, but we’ll deal with that in due course. We’ve got to review everything, and we’ll take appropriate actions.”

It’s not enough for a liberal Democrat like Quinn to leave office with any amount of respect or decency; he has to take questionable and unethical actions to purposely sabotage his replacement. I can’t help but wonder if another liberal Chicago Democrat by the name of Barack Hussein Obama will do the same thing if a Republican wins the White House in 2016?

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