Outlawing the Weather and Other Liberal Craziness

Philippe Sands, a man described as one of the top international lawyers, recently stood up before a convention of lawyers, judges and politicians held in London and suggested that the time is ripe to make global warming illegal.

Specifically, he said, allowing temperatures to rise more than two degrees above pre-industrial levels would be illegal and enforceable by international courts.

Considering that the Earth’s average temperature in pre-industrial times ranged between much warmer than now to outright ice age, Sands’ suggestion is obviously crazy. Yet it’s based in a European court’s decision against the government of the Netherlands, in which the court referred repeatedly to the two-degree mark while ordering the country to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The court’s decision also was crazy by any reasonable assessment.

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Insanity builds upon insanity.

I think I’m just having one of those weeks where I look at the human race and just wonder how we’ve survived this long and whether reason even has a place left in this world.

There are other things going on at the moment that are completely unrelated, except that each shows in its own way just how nuts we are.

Hillary Clinton, not exactly the role model for sanity, contributed a couple of doozies this week.

First was her claim of being the most transparent person “in American history” after hiding her email record, including dealings in classified information, on a private server. That one was just her usual low-level lying and nuttiness.

The more concerning one came when candidate Clinton tried to get attention after last week’s Oregon college shooting by proposing that gun victims should be able to sue firearm manufacturers. Because manufacturers have the power to stop a mentally disturbed person from killing people. Obviously.

Then there’s the candidate for United States Senate from Florida, Augustus Sol Invictus — not his real name, which he declines to share and nobody cares enough to uncover — who admits to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood. It’s all perfectly normal, though. The self-described “genius” and lawyer had been fasting in the desert and wanted to thank the “god of the wilderness” for his survival. Well, at least he’s not drinking the Kool-Aid.

From Stockholm comes the story of Eva Brunne, the world’s first (let’s hope) lesbian bishop, who has told a parish priest that he should remove all crosses from his church and install marks indicating the direction of Mecca in order to be courteous to people of other faiths. … OK, first clue that there’s a problem here, “lesbian bishop.”

Then in Los Angeles this past weekend, they had the Slut Walk, modern feminism’s contribution to … well, modern feminism. Don’t even get me started. See the video at Breitbart if you’re interested.

All of this is going on and taking up headline space (and Internet space, as some trolls will no doubt point out) while there are events of actual importance going on in the world, such as what’s happening in Syria, or the Obama Administration’s Pacific trade agreement and the president’s efforts to unilaterally use executive orders to enact further gun control laws.

But I just wonder, has the human race always been this nutty? Almost certainly, but even the perspective of nearly half a century of living isn’t a sure guide.

Reading the Bible certainly suggests that it’s all been done before, it just seems like we of the current generation have the franchise on craziness.

Still, it’s hard to resist the urge to yell “Pull it together, people!” at the top of your lungs.

But that seems a little crazy too.

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