Outrageous! CNN Anchor Asks Donald Trump if He is a Racist or a Homophobe

The left-wing media is having a really tough time pretending to be unbiased these days, what with Hillary Clinton collapsing, the GOP presidential candidates all gaining in popularity, and conservative activists getting more vocal.

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on CNN earlier this week and Don Lemon lost any journalistic credibility he had left when he decided to ask Trump if he were a racist or a homophobe because Trump didn’t agree with liberals on gay marriage or illegal immigration.

For his part, Trump kept his cool and responded by saying that he thinks he’s actually a very nice person.

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Donald Trump on Racism: So I just did a speech for the African American Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina and they just wrote the most beautiful letter I think I’ve received in a long time saying how unfairly I got treated by the press. 

I just showed up at that, they asked me to do it. I did it as a favor to a couple of friends of mine who happen to be African-American, who asked me to go. The dais was packed with people. Packed with people. They were all up front. I could hardly get into the room. And CNN in particular made me look bad…because they showed some empty seats in the back.

Donald Trump on Homophobia: No I think that I’m a very nice person. I love people. And I have to tell you, when you look at those polls…it’s across the board. You know who loves me? The Tea Party? The Evangelicals.I’m leading with evangelicals. I’m Presbyterian, I’m protestant and they love me. You know why? Because they think I’m going to do a great job for the country. But if you look, because you’re making it sound like the far right… The far right does like me. But you know who else likes me? Democrats like me. Liberals like me.

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