OWS Showing True Character

Over the past couple months, we’ve all seen and read reports of crimes that have taken place in the various Occupy movements around the nation.  There have been hundreds of reports of thefts with other reports of rape, drug abuse, sexual and physical assaults.

In most cases they are trespassing on public property by violating camping and loitering ordinances.  They leave litter and human waste in the parks for the municipalities to clean up.  Occupiers have been known to spit at pedestrians and even threaten them and local business owners.

Now we read reports like the one coming out of the Occupy group camping at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  The protesters have defiled the Cathedral with illegal drugs, alcohol and graffiti scratched into one of the church doors.  Physical violence has been so rampant that two women reported that they had to hide in a portable toilet to escape attack.  Dogs have been allowed to roam loose, leaving their urine and feces all over the camp and church grounds.  And through it all, authorities have several children as young as nine years of age, living in the midst of the filth and squalor.

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This week in Santa Cruz, California, county officials released a list of 93 complaints associated with the Occupy group that has taken refuge near the county’s main offices and courthouse.  The complaints include illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, vandalism of two pieces of artwork, fights, and numerous accounts of public urination and defecation.

But the coup de gras that truly demonstrates the liberal immoral nature of the Occupy movement took place in Oakland, California.  The Occupy Oakland group, which has been in the news a lot for their lawlessness, rioting, vandalizing the downtown district, has now played host to the shooting of a gay porn video.

Not that they had much credibility to begin with, but the list of atrocities and vulgarities is the icing on the cake.  Occupiers are nothing more than a bunch of lazy free-loaders who live rent free on city land.  They like not having to work and basically doing whatever they feel like and expecting taxpayers to pay for it all.

And isn’t it interesting that union leaders and most of the top Democrats have given their support and encouragement to this group of social anarchists.  Even Obama has sided with Occupiers which is really interesting since he claims he’s for creating jobs while at the same time supporting those who don’t want to work.

I believe that every one of them needs to be given notice that anyone remaining by sundown will be arrested and placed on a work detail to clean up their mess and repair all damage done to the surrounding area.  Then I would tell them that the punishment for a second offense would be even harsher by being placed on a work detail around the city doing all of the dirtiest jobs possible. Hopefully there wouldn’t be a need to spell out punishment for a third offense.

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