Pandora’s Reparations Box Has Been Opened 

Between 1972 and 1991, Chicago police Commander Jon Burge apparently oversaw the torturing of black crime suspects. In 1993 a Police Department review board ruled Burge’s officers had tortured suspects. Neither he nor any of his officers were ever convicted in criminal court, although Burge was found to have perjured himself in 2010 during a civil trial and was sentenced to 4 1/2 years.

One such torture case was recounted by the victim, Darrell Cannon, who was tortured into confessing to murder. The police, he claimed, used an electric cattle prod on his nether region. He also claims to have had a shotgun shoved in his mouth, as they thrice pulled the trigger. Obviously, the gun was empty, but he didn’t know that.

He subsequently confessed, was convicted and spent 24 years in prison, only to be exonerated and released at the age of 64. Apparently over 100 victims have come forward to make similar claims.

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Okay, if what has been claimed is true — even a fraction of what has been asserted — there should be no statute of limitations on the police brutality. But unfortunately there is, it’s long since expired and there’s nothing that can be done about that.

For those, like Cannon, who were wronged, they should be individually compensated by the city, and handsomely. But that’s not the way it works when you inject racial politics into the mix.

Enter Flint Taylor, a Chicago civil rights attorney, who in true liberal fashion sought not to work for individual compensation for the victim but instead sought reparations from the city.

pandor's box

The Guardian quoted Taylor saying: “Hopefully it’ll be a beacon for other cities here and across the world for dealing with racist police brutality so prevalent in the past in this country and, we are unfortunately seeing, continues to this day.”

The Chicago city Council voted Wednesday to establish a $5.5 million “reparations fund” for the police commander’s victims. The Guardian wrote that “the funds will be used to pay up to $100,000 per individual for living survivors with valid claims to have been tortured in police custody during Burge’s command.”

A lousy $100,000 for a poor soul who spent 24 years behind bars? Yeah, that sounds fair and socialistic — everyone gets the same amount regardless of circumstances.

But we know that’s not what this is about. It’s not about helping the individual. It’s about advancing a cause — one liberals and race hustlers have been working on for decades — and finally, thanks to the fools of the Chicago City Council, Pandora’s Box has now been opened.

Others have naturally jumped on the reparations bandwagon, like John Conroy, director of investigations for DePaul University’s legal clinic. He said that commander Burge is “not a monster, as people make him out to be, but instead the product of a comprehensive institutional failure.”

And there it is, the key to this whole reparations scam. For reparations to work, they must convince us that this is not about any one defendant, but instead represent it as a failure of society.

The interesting thing is that after reading many articles pertaining to the police problem in Chicago, nowhere is it mentioned that black on black violence is exponentially worse than the police.

But again, we know why this is. No agenda can be advanced by drawing attention to the wholesale murder of blacks in the Windy City. Race hustlers and activists enrich themselves a lot more through reparations than black-on-black murder.

Frankly, if I were Darrell Cannon, I’d be pretty angry about being used the way he was. Yes, he’s out of the slammer, but $100,000 won’t buy him a new life. He deserves a lot more, but won’t get it. He, like many other blacks, is just a pawn being used by the race hustling industry. When they’re done, they’ll toss him aside and move on to the next victim they can exploit for their “greater good.”

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