Papal Lecture of Washington Disappoints

So the pope walks into Congress. Congress says, “Hey, we fund an organization that kills hundreds of thousands of children each year, we’re doing nothing about the invasion of our own country, we’re letting men marry other men and women marry other women, we cripple our own economy by stealing from our own people and corporations, yet we’re poised to borrow trillions of dollars to inaugurate a carbon-trading scheme that won’t actually help the planet in any way but will increase the spread of poverty.”

And the pope says, “Yeah, sure. Keep it up.”

There should be a punchline in there, but there isn’t.

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Except for a moderate, sidelong, barely there admonition about abortion and homosexual marriage, the pope could have been in town to renew his membership to the Capitol Hill Country Club.

“‘I cannot hide my concern for the family, which is threatened, perhaps as never before, from within and without,” Francis said. “Fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family.”

Actually, he did a pretty good job of hiding his concern because that was about as forceful as his message before Congress, the Supremes and the White House contingent got.

He didn’t even mention the word “abortion.” Instead, what we got was “(the) Golden Rule … reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.”

Yes. Yes it does. Whoo-hoo.

I realize it goes against the bureaucratic corporate grain of the institutional Catholic Church, but a little fire and brimstone sure would have been nice. I just don’t think Jesus would have been doing the whole buddy tour thing with the Washington crowd. No, I expect he would have taken off his belt the moment he set foot in the White House and he wouldn’t have stopped the whuppin’ till every last rascal was chased off the Mall.

You thought the money changers got some welts?

Just a little of that attitude would have gone a long way to straighten people out. How about something along the lines of “Hey, Washington, what the hell man?” Or “America, you were a chosen one. You were to be a light of freedom to the world, not a leader into Marxist darkness.” Or just a simple “Repent. Especially you Catholic Democrats. I’m looking at you, Pelosi.”

Instead, he punched a straight liberal extremist ticket with just a couple of minor blips the libs will forget about 10 minutes ago.

Now what we’ll get instead of repentance from our leaders is a renewed effort by Boehner et al. to cut conservatives out of the conversation and make the GOP into an even bigger tool for Obama’s schemes.

This pope claims to be concerned for the poor, yet he rails against capitalism, the only economic system that ever held any real hope for the impoverished. He lobbies for giving lock, stock and barrel to illegal immigrants, a plan that’s guaranteed to tear down the national economy. There’s a point about greed in what he says, but a successor to John Paul II should know better than to embrace socialism in any form. Instead, this pope goes in for all of the above plus the global warming scam, a fraud that is custom designed to plunge millions more people into poverty and despair.

While popes are expected to be humble, their admonishments to moral behavior should not be weak, as Francis’ statements on abortion and homosexuality have been.

Sadly, when all the fanfare is over, the pope’s tour will be seen by many as a missed opportunity. It may even lead more Americans to abandon the Catholic Church in favor of denominations that pay more heed to the Bible.

America’s Catholics needed a spiritual leader, but what they’re getting is just another politician.

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