Pardon the Patriot! The 2016 Snowden Litmus Test

The establishment, whether “left” or “right” hates, yes hates, Edward Snowden. They want him publicly punished for the sake of their self-vindication. You can see some idea of how the Establishment is feeling sorry for itself by this story in (I now realize that Politico is a daily valentine the establishment sends itself with lots of hugs and kisses).

“Edward Snowden’s globe-trotting is the latest international headache for President Barack Obama, with no relief in sight… The spotlight-grabbing international travel — just as Obama seeks to focus attention on his Tuesday climate change speech and a weeklong trip to Africa that begins Wednesday — is sure to keep Snowden’s own story atop the headlines, highlighting the White House’s relative powerlessness to bring him back to face charges. There’s no telling when the stream of stories drawn from his leaks will end, or what his host countries might decide to do with the information he carries, should he share it with them.”

Poor, helpless President Obama bravely trying to promote the global warming fraud while the great and powerful threat of Edward Snowden frustrates all his wonderful plans. Don’t you just want to weep for the President and the poor, bullied NSA?

But the real problem is that the American people have no way of holding politicians accountable. Secret policies based on secret interpretations of secret laws cannot be stopped by voters kept in the dark. We see right now that politicians are handing out assurances that nothing bad is happening due to secret internal controls. Not reassuring!

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So what do we do?

We demand a public symbolic act that everyone can witness and verify. What we need now is a public campaign and a petition drive among registered voters to demand one thing from anyone who wants to be president:

Give a full pardon to Edward Snowden!

Every candidate at every opportunity needs to be asked where he stands on the demand that the next president pardon Edward Snowden. It needs to be shouted at meetings and pushed at the media as well, who will be doing all they can to marginalize the question.

You might object that this can’t make much difference. A president could issue the pardon and not change anything about how the NSA and the DOJ spy on Americans. Yes, that it theoretically possible. If enough of the American people can really push this agenda, then a candidate committed to the surveillance state would be well-advised to at least concede on the visible issue in order to placate Americans.

But sometimes, even politicians fail to be pragmatic. I think that most people who will be running for office in 2016 really and truly hate Edward Snowden. They feel personally offended that he did not bow to the god of data harvesting and do his part to keep the rest of us in the dark. They simply won’t be able to stomach pardoning Snowden, or even promising to do so. This demand will truly separate the power-lusters from the patriot leaders.

Pardon the Patriot! Promise To Free Edward Snowden If You Want Our Vote For 2016

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