Parents and Son Permanently Separated Because They Wanted to Homeschool

A growing number of countries are banning parents’ right to homeschool their children. In Germany, Adolf Hitler banned homeschooling and that law is still being rigorously enforced. The German government has taken homeschooled children away from parents and made them wards of the state as the parents are prosecuted for their desire to raise and teach their kids.

The case of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich is an example of how Hitler’s law is still being enforced. The parents of four children were charged with violating the law by homeschooling their kids. Police raided their home and took the children and placed them in state custody.

The Romeike family sought political and religious asylum in the US because of their persecution for wanting to homeschool their families. After being granted asylum and settling in Tennessee, the Romeike family found themselves fighting to remain in the US as the Obama administration sought to withdraw their asylum status and deport them back to Germany. This all took place while the same Obama administration was allowing millions of illegals and Muslims to remain in the US. The Romeikes were conservative Christians who align more with Republican policies than Democratic policies, so Obama spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to send them back to Germany where they would be persecuted and prosecuted for homeschooling.

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In Sweden, another family has been ripped apart because of the parents’ desire to homeschool their son. Christer and Annie Johansson began homeschooling their son Domenic when he was young. At age seven, the Swedish government removed Domenic from his parents.

That was seven years ago. Domenic, who is now 14, has not been allowed to see him parents for the past five years. His parents have not been allowed to see how their son has grown or even what he looks like as a young teen.

His parents have taken their case to the Swedish Supreme Court who just upheld the government’s ban preventing parents and child from seeing each other. Worse yet is that the ruling will be enforced until Domenic has completed school and reaches young adulthood.

Ruby Harrold-Claesson, President of Nordic Committee for Human Rights has been representing the Johanssons. She is now planning to appeal the Swedish Supreme Court’s decision to European Court of Human Rights, even though the chances of winning are remote because the ECHR rarely rules in favor of homeschooling parents.

You may wonder how this affects us here in the United States. It does affect us as liberal politicians like Barack Obama are also against homeschooling. Don’t forget how hard and how much money the Obama administration spent trying to deport just one family because they homeschooled their kids.

The public school system strongly opposes homeschooling and the NEA, the largest teachers union in America also advocates that homeschooling be stopped in America. Public schools get federal funding based on daily attendance. The more children that are homeschooled, the less money the public schools get from the federal government.

More importantly, most homeschooled students are taught Christian values and the true history of America. The public schools are not able to brainwash homeschoolers to grow up to be loyal atheistic socialist puppets of the government. They don’t want to allow homeschooled children to grow up into Christian conservative adults that would oppose their socialist agenda.

If given the chance, liberal Democrats would follow Germany and Sweden in not only banning homeschooling, but removing children from homeschooling parents and make them wards of the state so they can properly brainwash them. Parents who resist will be prosecuted, fined and even jailed and like Sweden, barred from ever seeing their children during their entire adolescent lives. That’s another very important reason to vote against every liberal politician.


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