Parents Livid After HS Displays Flag as Door Mat: “Pick the Flag Up! What a Disgrace”

Parents of students at York Community High School in Illinois are outraged after seeing photos of the American flag being displayed on the floor. The flag is NEVER supposed to touch the ground.

The school allegedly allowed this to happen during a “recreation of a 1989 art display” and claim that it was done in an effort to let students “explore the complexities of the constitutionally protected right of free speech by examining real cases.”

However, parents immediately reacted in disgust and outrage when they saw just how disrespectful the display was.

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Fox News Insider reports:

The school’s Facebook page was flooded with negative comments, with parents, students and members of the community expressing outrage.

“Absolutely disgraceful. The flag should never touch the ground,” Patti Arvanitis Sotos wrote.

“Disappointed and ashamed,” Josh Jonkman said.

“Pick the flag up! What a disgrace,” Meghan Marie wrote.

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Steve Doocy agreed that the flag should never touch the ground, even if it’s part of a lesson on the First Amendment.

“If you wanted to recreate something from 1989, there are pictures of it. Just show the picture. Don’t actually put a flag on the ground,” Doocy said. “You’re not supposed to do that.”

“You should never use the flag in that manner,” Abby Huntsman agreed.

Principal Erin DeLuga posted on Facebook, “On Tuesday, September 26, York Community High School’s entire sophomore class explored First Amendment rights as part of a day-long, interdisciplinary forum that centered on banned books, music, social media and the American flag. Examples were chosen based on their relevance to teenagers.”

The post continued, “One First Amendment case involved re-creating a 1989 installation by Chicago artist Dread Scott, who was later part of a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision protecting the right to free speech. Unlike the Scott example, York’s display was created to ensure the flag was not stepped on or defaced in any way. The goal was to create an authentic learning environment, and we are continuing to learn from this experience.”

DeLuga concluded, “This is in no way meant to disrespect the flag, the military, or the government; rather, it was used for students to reconcile their feelings about current issues and whether their 1st Amendment rights are protected.”

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