Parents Sue Gov. Christie Over Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy

In August, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie once again acted more like a Democrat than a Republican when he signed a bill into law that banned any licensed therapist from performing gay conversion therapy.  This liberal and anti-Christian action on the part of Christie puts him in the category as California’s liberal Gov. Jerry Brown.

Gay conversion therapy is used when a person is confused about their sexual orientation.  The therapist works with the person in an attempt to resolve the personal conflict and show the patient that being straight is normal and the orientation to be sought and lived.

Gay activists have risen up against gay conversion therapy because a number of people who thought they were gay have been converted to being straight and normal.  Without this type of therapy, some people who are confused about their sexual orientation end up committing suicide.  From everything I’ve read, gay activists would rather see a person commit suicide than see them go straight.

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I see the ban on gay conversion therapy as being discriminatory.  There is no ban or even attempt to ban therapy to convince the sexually confused people to turn to the gay lifestyle.  In fact, this therapy is perfectly acceptable and declared to be non-harmful.  However, gay activists and the liberal members of the psychological community have claimed that the gay conversion therapy is harmful.

One of the reasons Gov. Christie signed the bill into law was the testimony of the American Psychological Association.  But don’t forgot this is the same organization that says that pedophilia is okay and should be acceptable as well as underage sex, pre-marital sex, extramarital sex and even group sex.  They basically say that as long as all of the participants are consensual that it should be okay and legal.

Now, the parents of a 15 year old boy have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Christie for signing the bill that bans the therapy that they say could help their son.  The son has considered committing suicide because he suffers from ‘unwanted gender identity disorder and unwanted same-sex attractions.’

The lawsuit claims that Christie’s actions violate their constitutional rights of free speech and free exercise of religion by preventing the therapy to help their son.  I would hope that the attorney brings up the issue of discrimination and ask the court why there is no ban on therapy to convert someone to being gay but there is a ban to prevent therapy to convert someone to being straight?

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