Paris Climate Agreement: No Change for Earth, Big Change for Economy

So at the end of all the hot air about the Paris climate conference, the bill is an estimated $1.5 trillion annually for an optimistic effect on the climate of maybe -0.170 degrees Celsius at the end of the century.

That’s the upbeat scenario by Bjorn Lumborg and the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The pessimistic scenario is more like -0.048 degrees Celsius.

And as always with government programs, you can expect that annual cost to grow, though no one yet seems to know by how much. That $1.5 trillion annual figure is just for warm-ups.

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The good news is that the Paris agreement doesn’t contain any enforcement mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about U.N. agents marching down your street to put a cork in your tailpipe just yet. (Give it a little more time.)

Coincidentally, the lack of enforcement mechanisms is also the bad news, because that means the agreement is not a treaty, which would require a two-thirds vote of the Senate.

As per the modus operandi of this Administration, Congress is being cut out of a decision that will profoundly affect our future. That means the Obama Administration and any future Progressive socialist administrations will enforce the agreement of their own free will and without interference from Congress.

What’s obvious from the Paris agreement is the same thing that’s been obvious about the whole climate change movement from the start: It’s got nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with certain people making lots of money by stealing it from us. To use the socialist lingo, it’s just a big wealth transfer.

Part of that wealth transfer is the billions of dollars demanded by developing countries as payment for going along with this nonsense. Another part is the opening of carbon exchanges, which will work something like stock exchanges except with the certificates having even less intrinsic value.

The way that will work is that “green” industries will sell their “carbon credits” that they get for not polluting to industries that can’t meet their government-controlled pollution goals. Thus, the goods produced by fossil-fuel-driven industries will go up in price, costing you and me, while nonviable green industries get a whopping subsidy for producing overpriced electricity, goods made from recycled plastic, or what have you.

Middlemen and those heavily invested in otherwise unprofitable green industries will make a killing.

Then there will be all the costs of more excessive government regulation that is sure to happen, including higher prices for food (especially meat), clothing, fuel and basic goods. Some things you enjoy now may disappear forever, depending on the whims of regulators.

Environmentalists and others who actually believe the climate change propaganda are angry and disappointed today because the Paris agreement is a lot of talk that won’t “save the Earth,” but it was never intended to be.

The only thing that climate change agreements will ever decrease is the weight of your wallet, because that’s all climate change has ever really been about.

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