Pastor Says If You Can’t Teach Bible in School, then You Shouldn’t Teach Quran Either

In 1960 infamous atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore City Public School System challenging the constitutionality of requiring students to participate in reading the Bible in public schools, specifically her son William. The lawsuit worked its way through the court system, reaching the hallowed chambers of the US Supreme Court in 1963 where the high court ruled in favor of O’Hare.

This lawsuit along with several others around the same time have led to God, Jesus, the Bible and everything Christian being evicted, banned and denied from classrooms throughout the nation. The slightest hint of anything Christian brings out the atheists and God haters screaming lawsuit and everything else possible to bully school officials into complying with their atheistic agenda.

Schools are being sued right and left for anything associated with Christianity. A volunteer group organizes a prayer rally at a nearby church for the high school football team and they are threatened with a lawsuit. A student asks questions about creation in a science class and the teacher answers, only to be sued, reassigned or fired. A teacher just leaves a Bible sitting on his desk and the school is sued.

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So why is it okay for so many schools to be teaching Islam and having students read from the Quran and recite the call the prayer? Why is it okay for students to be told by their teachers that Allah is god and creator, but it’s not okay for teachers to their students that the God of the Bible is the Creator?

That’s what Pastor Herb Mays is asking. Mays served our nation in Vietnam where he earned the Silver Star and a Purple Heart. Today he pastors Hosanna Church in Portland, Tennessee. He became concerned and upset when he learned what his 13 year old granddaughter was being taught at Westmoreland Middle School.

According to Tennessee law, all seventh graders are required to take a course on world religions. It’s up to the individual school districts what textbook and curriculum they use, but one way or another, students are forced to learn about many other religions, without learning anything about Christianity.

Mays said his granddaughter is forced to read from the Quran, learn about Allah being the creator and knowing how to recite the Muslim call to prayer and many other aspects of Islam. He told the local media:

“We don’t teach the Bible. We can’t carry the Bible anymore to school, we can’t pray in school, so I’m upset that the seventh-grade social studies class is learning about the Quran.”

“It says Allah is the creator. He’s the god who created us all. I don’t believe Allah created the heavens and the earth, so I have a problem with this being taught to children in school.”

Mays’ granddaughter is a straight A student, but she said that she and other students have been very uncomfortable with the lessons on Islam. She told the media:

“We had to learn the five pillars of Islam and their beliefs and practices and what they have to do and all what they believe in. It didn’t feel right doing this.

“It just made me feel it wasn’t right doing all this stuff and learning what they believe because it’s not what I know and it just didn’t feel right.”

The family has decided to pull the daughter/granddaughter out of the public school and use homeschooling from here on. When asked if the family’s reactions and his speaking out are radical, May’s responded:

“Yes, I think it’s a radical stand, I really do. But I stand up for what I believe. I think what’s wrong with the world today is that good people don’t stand up and evil prevails. And so I’m just making a stand.”

I applaud Mays and his family for taking a strong stand against the teaching of Islam to impressionable students. I’ve been advocating homeschooling for years because of the radical agenda of the public education system. They’ve abandoned Christianity and everything good, moral and true about America’s history. They’ve replaced it with atheism or Islam. They strive to undermine everything about America that made us strong and a nation of morals. They strive to undermine the family by promoting homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Students are taught to not only accept homosexuality but to experiment with it and other sexual perversions.

Public school students are also subjected to twelve years of socialist brainwashing with the goal of producing a generation of unconditionally compliant comrades that will obey a socialist government like worker bees obey their queen. Don’t let your child/children or grandchildren grow up to be a socialist worker bee. Do whatever you can to get them out of public schooling before it’s too late.

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