Paul Ryan v Joe Biden Debate Will be More Like Lion v Jackass

The first debate between Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and incumbent Democrat, President Barack Obama is in the record books and many indications point to Romney as the victor.  Obama tried to keep attacking Romney’s policies and Romney continually pointed out that Obama’s claims were patently false.

I watched the debate on a network that I know is loyal to the liberal Democrats and the poll they took immediately afterwards of undecided Independents showed Romney won with 67% of them.  Another station, also known for being liberally biased interviewed several people afterwards and some of them said they actually switched their vote from Obama to Romney after watching the debate.

The next debate will be between Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and incumbent Democrat, Vice President Joe Biden.  I’m really looking forward to this debate because Biden has proven time and again that he’s a bumbling idiot who has no clue what he’s talking about and Ryan is a very sharp individual who knows what’s going on.  During this campaign season, Biden has spoken one gaff after another and has probably done more to help the Republican Party than any other Democratic VP in history.

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For example, the morning of the presidential debate Biden told a crowd that the middle class was buried when Obama was trying to convince everyone that he was their friend and was helping them.  Republicans jumped on the admission and Romney even used the phrase about the middle class being buried twice in his responses to Obama in the debate later that night.

I see the upcoming Ryan – Biden debate to be a chance for Ryan to turn Biden’s many gaffs into chances to jab, poke and slice away at Biden’s ability to be vice president.  It would be like sending someone who is so inept that they don’t even know which end a sword to hold up against an Olympic fencing champing. If Ryan is as sharp as he usually is, the only possible outcome will be a bloodied and severely wounded Biden and that is something I am really looking forward to seeing.

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