‘Paying It Backwards’: A Positive Trend Catching On

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘paying it forward’.  A few years back, I was laid off due to a downsizing where I had worked.  Two of my co-workers gave us money to help us get through the hard times that followed. They didn’t ask for any payback, rather they both told me to pay it forward and I’ve been doing that ever since.

Similar to ‘paying it forward’, a growing trend is catching on and it’s called ‘paying it backwards’ and it works like this.  You drive up to a fast food restaurant and place your order at the speaker, noticing that there is a car already waiting at the cashier window.  It pulls away and you move up to the window and start hand the clerk your money only to find out that the car that just left already paid for your meal.  That’s ‘paying it backwards’.

Some fast food restaurants say that it happens every now and then and that it seems to be something catching on.  However, a Chick fil-A in Houston experienced the ultimate in ‘paying it backwards’.

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The manager of this particular Chick-fil-A says that they see ‘paying it backwards’ a couple times on a Saturday, but nothing like what they recently saw.  First one car paid it backwards, and then the car behind them did the same and it just kept happening, car after car.  The busy restaurant says that they eventually ran out cars and the trend was brought to a halt, but not until 67 cars in a row ‘paid it backwards’.

Kaitlin Dunlap, an employee at the Chick fil-A on West Holcombe in Houston told the local news:

“People are wanting to regain some positivity. Doing something nice for the car behind you in the drive-thru lane is an empowering feeling.”

“It was absolutely amazing.  One of my favorite days at work.”

“It was the buzz around the restaurant.  I hope it continues other places around the world!”

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You may think that they were ready to spend the money anyway, so it’s no big deal.  But from everything you hear and read about today’s culture and how greedy and self-centered Americans are becoming, any one of those people could have just taken advantage of the free meal and drove on, not giving a second thought to the people in the car behind them.  Yet, 67 consecutive cars ‘paid it backwards’ out of kindness and wanting to do something nice and unexpected for complete strangers.

Wouldn’t it be great to see this happening more and more throughout America?  At a time like this in our nation’s history, we need something positive to cling to.  Everything seems to be negative today that it’s hard to keep smiling.

When was the last time you did something nice for a complete stranger?  Have you ever ‘paid it backwards’?  After seeing this, do you think it’s something you might do?  Try it and see how good it makes you feel inside.  I dare you!

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