Paying a Fine for Saving Taxpayer Money

We’ve already heard a number of stories of how Obamacare has cost many people more for less insurance coverage, how millions had their policies cancelled and others who had their work hours reduced by over 25% so their employer no longer had to provide coverage for them. In spite of the numbers of enrollees reported by the Obama administration, the number of uninsured Americans is higher now than before Obamacare went into effect.

But here is a scenario involving Obamacare that you may not have heard of before.

Before Obamacare, a number of universities allowed graduate students to purchase their healthcare coverage through the university. It was an affordable method to get sufficient healthcare until they graduated and obtained a job that would offer health benefits.

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However, many universities dropped graduate students from their benefits because of Obamacare. One such grad student wrote that he was informed that the school was dropping him because under Obamacare it cost them too much to carry the grad students.

He contacted to find a new plan and found out that to get a comparable plan to what he had that it would cost him 30% more which he could not afford. He asked about getting a partial subsidy and was told that wasn’t an option. He either had to purchase a plan he could not afford or enroll into Medicaid.

To the grad student, Medicaid was a last option, not a first option. He ended up going for a third option that Obamacare didn’t offer him. He found a short-term health plan that he could afford. Short-term plans are for healthy individuals and have a set expiration date, in his case one year.

A year later, he was better off financially and ended up purchasing the Obamacare plan that cost him 30% more. However, in doing his taxes this year, he has been informed that even though he had purchased a healthcare plan that covered him last year, he will still have to pay the fine for not having coverage.

Why? The grad student explained:

“What is incredibly frustrating, however, is that I now have to pay ObamaCare’s tax (or is it a fine?) for last year, because my short-term plan (like most) doesn’t count as buying “adequate insurance” under ObamaCare’s mandates.”

“It doesn’t matter that my short-term plan was comparable to other ‘catastrophic’ plans offered on the federal exchange. The ObamaCare law prohibits the overwhelming majority of short-term plans from qualifying as ‘quality’ coverage.”

“The reason is obvious. If young, healthy people — the group that the American Enterprise Institute’s Scott Gottlieb and Kelly Funderburk say is being ‘ripped off’ by ObamaCare rates — opt out of the ObamaCare exchanges, the exchanges will collapse in a ‘death spiral’ because not enough healthy folks will be paying in to make up for the less-healthy ones, who need more care.”

“My experience perfectly highlights the insanity of the Affordable Care Act. It forced me — a paying, insured, well-educated, healthy American — out of the coverage I’d had, then tried to push me into Medicaid.”

“The program wouldn’t let me pay more when I offered to pay a higher rate to stay out of Medicaid, and it provided only one other option: paying the highest rate available for insurance I didn’t use once in 2014.”

“Rather than take the easy route and enroll in Medicaid, I paid my own way with a private plan of my choosing. Now, instead of being rewarded for saving taxpayer money, I’m being punished with a fine of at least $95. What a country!”

Yeah, what a county. Welcome to the Socialist States of America, land of the oppressed and home of the enslaved. We’re losing our freedoms at an alarming rate. Free enterprise is disappearing and we were being forced to buy into a socialist regime of government provision. In every aspect of life they want us to turn to the government for our livelihood and wellbeing. If we try to find affordable and workable alternatives, they slap us with fines and penalties. It’s do it their way or no way.

I don’t see the Republican controlled Congress helping to make things any better. The only solution I see is for Americans to rebel against the government like they did 239 years ago. If necessary we need to take up arms and fight for our rights and freedoms and re-establish the type of republic that our Founding Fathers established and restore our God given rights and freedoms.

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