PayPal Plays Role in Charlottesville Events

Wow, I must say that I am surprised that PayPal allegedly allowed white supremacists from the Charlottesville riots to use their platform in order to collect money to organize the event.

I am also surprised that people actually donated to them!

The Hill reports:

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White nationalists such as Jason Kessler, the head organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally that turned violent on Saturday, used their PayPal accounts to receive money that went toward the event, according to the SPLC.

Other prominent white nationalists at the rally in Charlottesville this past weekend, including Richard Spencer, also use PayPal to fund their operations, the SPLC’s report says.

Spencer, for example, collects donations with a PayPal account tied to the National Policy Institute — a think tank he runs that advances white supremacist ideals — and

Kessler, Spencer and other white supremacists’ use of PayPal comes despite the platform’s “acceptable use of policy,” which bans the “promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime.”

At least one group, the League of South, was previously banned from PayPal. But the group’s founder and president, Michael Hill, reportedly bypassed this by collecting funds through his personal account.

Interestingly enough, PayPal recently emailed The Hill in order to inform them that they apparently “consistently enforced” their standards in order to “keep hate, violence and racial intolerance” out. Uh, hello!? Did they just happen to miss this massive debacle?

The email said, “PayPal was appalled by the events that transpired  and our hearts go out to the people of Charlottesville, the families of those who lost their lives, and all who have been touched by this unacceptable hatred and violence,” the spokesperson continued, “In advance of this past weekend’s horrific incidents, PayPal banned many individuals and organizations that were associated with the events in Charlottesville from transacting using our platform.”

Another fun fact is that they also used Facebook to coordinate the event until they suddenly deleted the event page one day before the rally. Perhaps they thought they might get caught if they left it up?

Who knows!

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